Multitasking: Combine A Graduation & A Wedding

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A Florida woman decided to save some expenses and lump some milestones together.

A young woman living in Iowa, but from the great state of Florida, is attempting to do the seemingly impossible: kill two birds with a single stone

According to the Des Moines Register, which oddly doesn't require registration, a woman named Tricia Giordano is set to graduate with a master's degree in organizational management from Ashford University in the lovely Clinton, Iowa. Upon earning her diploma, the 34-year old Floridian will dash across campus, change into her wedding day finery and get her nuptials on.

She decided that this program would save guests a second trip to the Hawkeye state, or another destination, as it will be her first trip to Ashford's campus—she has been learning via an online program. Her dude, Mr. Rich Munsey, is a Green Beret (the crème de la cream of the US Army) and had to move around a bit necessitating Tricia Giordano's enrollment in internet classes. Read: Can Men Multitask?

The Register's account of events imply that Giordano isn't pregnant, which is a relief because I am certain that her father wouldn't appreciate having busted his hump turning a wrench 13 hours a day so that his kids would have a better life and then have to watch his daughter, his only daughter, humiliate him by making a stupid mistake when she was this close to having a way out of the cycle of poverty and under-education. (Note: I have no idea if her father worked with a wrench, but that will one day be the speech I give my child when dropping her off at college, after I relocate to coal mining country.)

Despite the efficiency of the plan, there are a few issues:

  1. What if she gets the bags her outfits are in mixed up? The people at the graduation will be in for a big surprise. Zany!
  2. The videographer may feel like he has to edit the video into a montage with a catchy score ala the John Cusack classic Better Off Dead.
  3. Can Rich Munsey attend his fiancée's graduation? Would that not constitute "seeing the bride before the wedding" and thus jinx the whole enterprise to failure? Read: Wedding Day Disasters

Some joking aside, the couple is already moving into a new home so the only milestone moment left would be a baby or a finally getting TiVo. Maybe I'm bitter that I got my diploma from a concession stand as my graduation was rained out. My dad: "Did you get a bucket of popcorn with that mechanical engineering degree?"

Anyone out there ever lump together any milestones? How did it go?