All This for a Boyfriend?

All This for a Boyfriend?

Just so you know: boi=boy and gyrl=girl (

o boi! i am so excited that i finally get a chance to write this blog...

so lately, i have been watching this delightful little show on VH1 called, "Tool Academy 2."  i actually caught it on accident one day, just flipping channels, and i decided, why not?'s the gist: couples-one gyrl and one "tool" come on the show for 10 weeks of couples therapy.  now if you are wondering just what a tool is, let me tell you. a tool is a guy who is consumed with his looks, and his own wants and desires...he is selfish, self-centered, and full of, guess what, himself.  if this sounds like anyone you know, you have probably called them a "jerk," "prick" or, if you need something more hard, "a**hole."

you get the point.

during the course of this show, i have seen these bois admit numerous acts of infidelity to their gyrlfriends, breakdown at the thought of someone figuring out that their lives are an act, and i have heard the words, "but i love you", more times than i care to count.  from  what i can tell, most of contestants are in their 20's, no one is married, a few of them live together--despite the fact that the boi is unemployed--but let me repeat: NO ONE IS MARRIED.

why is that important?

well, i figured that if you are going through 10 weeks of couples therapy to determine how committed a boi is to you, i would figure that you would at least be engaged, or something!  after all...what more proof do you need that he is not ready to be the MAN you need him to be?

the gyrls admit that before coming on the show the bois treated them badly...did not take the relationship seriously...took them for granted...and as i said before...they cheated on them!   so, the solution to the problem...

stay in the relationship, and put all this ridiculous behavior on display on national TV, hoping that this is what will change him.


are you serious?   if you ask me, he has told you everything that you need to know...but, i guess if he means that much to you, you do what you have to do, right?

of course people can change, however, if someone is changing under duress, how sincere can it be? i especially love it when the guys tell their super-faithful gyrlfriends that they "will change for them," or "for us."  i have yet to hear any of them say that they will change because "they figured out that their lives are full of nonsense, and they don't want to live like that anymore."

but, the best part is when they expel the loser from tool academy and they end their reasoning  for doing so with the phrase, "sorry, you're just a tool..."

you think? (note of sarcasm)

the exclusive perspective: if a guy doesn't cherish you, treat you well, communicate, and above else, doesn't exit the bathroom from his morning primping ritual at least an hour before you're done, this just may not be the guy for you... doesn't take millions of viewers to tell you probably already figured it gyrl!