'The League' Secretly A TV Show About Love

the league
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Fantasy football maybe the premise, but this one's really another "moap opera" or "man soap opera."

If anyone utters the word "football," this Love Buzzer's eyes glaze over and an inner monlogue starts to block out the drone of the conversation to follow. This is not the stereotypical "female that hates all sports" situation. It just happens to be this one sport. Women Against Fantasy Sports Unite!

So wouldn't you know it? The League, the new FX television show centered around fanatsy football has really very little to do with... sports. What it is, really, is a relationship show in macho clothing. It's cloaked in sports and guy talk and machismo, but the majority of the plot focuses on the men's relationships and how they deal with major life issues.

When to have a baby, when to get married, how much to listen to each other's advice, the limitations of parenthood... it's all there. Yes, it's seen through a guy's eyes, but isn't that what every woman can benefit from? A little perspective goes a long way. The Male Mind: Unlocking His Deepest Thoughts

FX has done a fabulous job in the "moap opera" category. You know, man soap operas. Rescue Me follows the guys in the firehouse. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia follows the guys in the bar. Sons of Anarchy follows the guys on motorcycles. Let's face it: They own this genre, and they have mastered it. And we will now follow the guys in the fantasy football league.

So if you're looking for a new show to sink into with your guy (since Mad Men really was for you after all; he just tolerated it), consider The League. It has male humor and a touch of football (for him) with a heavy dose of life included (for you). How TV Made Us Root For Cheaters

The League airs on Thursdays at 10:30 EST on FX.

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