Would You Move Your Wedding For A Football Game?

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A couple marrying on the same day as the big game make an extreme game-time decision.

Maybe it's because Bride Wars is on heavy rotation on cable this month, but there's something about a bride being completely selfless that seems somehow harder to believe than Kate Hudson with blue highlights. Lemondrop: What Do Brides and Bridesmaids Really Think of Each Other?

Minnesota couple Charmagne Tessmer and her new husband Aaron Derichs actually rescheduled their wedding to watch the high school football game her little brother Ivan was playing in that same day. The game was an unexpected one—her little bro's team made it to the state semifinals, and Saturday's game was scheduled to begin at 5:45, cutting it awfully close for a 3 p.m. wedding. Lemondrop: Relationship Woah—a Family Affair

So they did what so few would do in that situation—six days before the wedding they got on the phone and called all their guests to inform them that the wedding would be moved from three in the afternoon to eleven in the morning.

In the world of college football, it's almost required that brides-to-be consult the game schedule before setting a date. Parents will boycott the nuptials of their own children if the big day falls on the same day as a match. Lemondrop: 10 Things Not to Say to a Guy Watching Football

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Written by Emerald Catron for Lemondrop.