Were You A Victim Of The Turkey Drop?

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Dumped over Thanksgiving? You aren't alone. It's a national phenomenon.

Personally, we have mixed feelings about Thanksgiving. Sure, it's a time of family and bloat-tastic gorging, but also the holiday which ushers in the Black Friday kind of present-buying that will likely put us in the red. Also, maybe it's just us, but somehow Turkey Day always reinforces how the cold, short winter days are not only rapidly approaching, but here. 5 Holiday Recipes To Cook Together

According to a recent NPR item, Thanksgiving could spell the end for many a relationship, too. So much, in fact, the day as been dubbed the turkey drop.

"The turkey drop is that holiday breakup season where all the college students return home for their first major vacation, and everyone breaks up," Washington University junior Carly MacLeod tells guest host Robert Smith. "Go home, hook up and break up is pretty much the pattern."

OK, but that's just silly kid stuff, right? Adults would never be so fickle and give into such superstitions...or would they? Break Up Etiquette: Dividing Your Friends

"For grown-ups," Dan Savage [an advice columnist] says, "it's the anticipation of being stuck for three or four more months. "You're a cad if you break up around Christmas. And then there's New Year's—and you can't dump somebody right around New Year's. After that, if you don't jump on it, is Valentine's Day...God forbid if their birthday should fall somewhere between November and February—then you're really stuck. Thanksgiving is really when you have to pull the trigger if you're not willing to tough it out through February."

Eek. Honestly, this is quite surprising to us. Don't the cruel, icy holidays make you long for someone? Who wants to be single on Valentine's Day? Wouldn't it be the humid, tank top days of summer that make you want to throw it all out the window for some pretty young thing at the beach?

What do you think? Have you ever been victim of the turkey drop?