Keep Your Friendship Alive


We all live busy lives. It is not easy to tackle our jobs, families, hobbies and make time for our friends. But still, we definitely should try. Good friends are hard to find, especially girlfriends, and our precious bonds need to be cherished, nurtured and looked after. Do you wonder how to keep your friendship healthy and alive? Try these easy steps.

1. Bond regularly. No matter how. When lives get hectic and schedules go crazy, canceling on your friends is sometimes unavoidable. Of course your best friend will understand when you do it once. Even when you do it twice. Maybe even when you do it three times. But sooner or later she will get offended and / or hurt which may harm your friendship for good. If times are insane, explain to your friend that you might not be able to make your regular weekly brunch, drinks or coffee break and offer an alternative. Whether it is chatting on the phone for ten minutes every Saturday night or catching up on Facebook once a week, it is always better than the vicious circle of canceling and feelings of guilt. Make a vow to renew your rituals as soon as the situation gets back to normal.

2. Do not judge her. Ever. Every now and then your friend might do things you disagree with. Unless her choices affect you personally, try to be as objective as possible. After all, it’s her life: You are there to listen to her, support her and give your opinion and advice, but never to judge her attitude. It is something you just have to learn to respect. Also, do not coerce her into doing things your way even if you are absolutely sure that your way is better. It would also be wrong to put her down and discourage her. Nevertheless, always say what you mean and leave it to her to consider your point of view. Saying things like “if I were you, I would…” or “I think it would be better to…”, usually does the trick. Don’t forget to reassure her that you will support her and be there for her no matter how things turn out.

3. Do not hold a grudge against her. We all make mistakes. Sometimes we say things that we regret later on. Sometimes we realize we should have said something but we didn’t find the right moment. And sometimes we get upset and we even fight. Whatever the issue between you and your friend is, talk it out. Be frank and open about it, say what is on your mind and encourage her to do the same. Old grudges and feelings of hurt usually grow and become worse as time goes by. Don’t let them ruin your friendship. True friends should be able to discuss even unpleasant issues honestly.

Never forget that your girlfriends are your second, if not first, family. When female friendship is real, honest and stands on strong pillars of trust and confidence, it’s one of the most amazing things that life has to offer. It’s our valuable possession and we should make sure to treat is as such at all times.