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We make each other nervous!

We make each other nervous!
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Its so funny because me and my man are arrogant.  I didn't even know he loved me up until a few months ago and we been dating for a year, I didn't even know we were dating exclusively until I mentioned going out with this other guy and he freeked out, I thought guys were suppose to ask to be exclusive, guess I'm old school or he is old old school.  He's 44 and I'm almost 29 (lets face it my b-days in three weeks).  We both look about 10 years younger than we are, so no one looks at us funny.  I guess.  I acted so non chalant with him at first about my feelings and he did too, but now its time to open up and it seems to be working, but I'm still nervous in front of him.  I love to dance and dances everywhere I go, I can be the life of the party but with him, I'm so nervous even with intimacy, I'm trying to get over this.  I don't know what he likes, the problem is he so shy with me and nervous with me also that he won't tell me.  We so much alike, but yet so different!


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