More Online Dating For Good-Lookers Only

attractive couple is online dating for beautiful people only.

One thing that I know about attractive people is that they do not care for uglies trying to get in their pantaloons. Correction: they like the attention but it really concerns them if the unattractive (or poor) person honestly thinks they have a chance to slime his/ her way into said trousers. Sure, some of them are "well adjusted" enough to give 4s, 5s and 6s a chance sans alcohol, and some of them actually date down to shine more. We call those two groups the outliers. 

The bulk of attractive people prefer to date like, and that's not a judgment. lets us know that another website has noticed this trend. The website now has competition in The site sells an image of a very glamorous lifestyle involving everyone's two favorite things: being really, really ridiculously good-looking. and wealth. Read: Online Dating Minus the Ugly People?

Prospective clients are judged by tribunal (actually, existing users) on their looks. There are four rankings, essentially, Nice, Aight, Meh and I Can't See That. Those in the first few categories get to cavort with the beautiful people. Theless good-looking have their hot-or-not hopes dashed. Read: Jessica Simpson: 'Online Dating? Ha!'

Interestingly, BP claims to have 180,000 people currently use the site. That number would represent about 3 percent of Denmark's population and likely contains some other nationalities, as that high of a percentage of population can't be dateable AND single (except in Brazil). Watch: Single In Brazil: Monogamy Is Unrealistic

Interestingly, our homeys at Lemondrop reference a very interesting study that is a corollary to this dating site. Essentially, the study says that relationships involving men who are at least five years older than their better-educated wives have a lesser chance of divorce than other groups. Ideally, someone will start a website that creates opportunities for really smart, hot women and slightly older, wealthy dudes to meet, grope, marry and not divorce. Read: Contest: Creating THE Best Dating Profile

Any other wrinkles we can add to this fantastic site?