Love Bytes: Can't-Miss Relationship News

love bytes

Balloon Boy, Jennifer Aniston, Alec Baldwin and how to behave on a first date.

Love Bytes: 10 must-click sex, love and relationship links.

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer back on?! [TheFrisky]

Last night was the premiere of 30 Rock's fourth season. TreSugar asks would you Do, Dump, or Marry Alec Baldwin? [TreSugar]

The parents of "balloon boy" (the boy thought to be stuck in a hot air balloon this week) have appeared on ABC's Wife Swap twice. [HuffPo]

Ten things you should never tweet after sex. [Asylum]

According to a new study, the tallest men get the prettiest girls, but the shortest ones tend to have more love to give. [limelife]

Six fun coffee date ideas. [Divine Caroline]

Five guys reveal whether they want you to reach for your wallet on the first date. [Glamour]

The reach is transparent, yes, but necessary. It seems entitled to not make some gesture to help pay, even if the girl knows the guy won't actually take her up on it. It's just an awkward moment all around, though, and you can't escape it.

Forget the new iPhone app, let lemondrop amp up your game. [lemondrop]

Sex advice from an office temp. [nerve]

Marge Simpson's Playboy interview. [BuzzFeed]