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A Tennessee couple spent the night in jail after wedding gets larceny-y.

Usually when a couple gets arrested on their wedding night, it involves alcohol, an absurd fight and people waking up in a jail cell. If the arrest takes place at the reception, it will generally involve the groom's old rugby buddies and/or the sister's idiot younger brother. If it takes place in the honeymoon suite, it usually involves someone flirting or someone too intoxicated to have sex. Read: Couple Spends Wedding Night In Jail

Well, a couple in Sevierville, Tennessee didn't get the memo regarding OK reasons to get arrested on their wedding night. They got pinched for larceny instead. And not just stealing from any old people, but the chapel that married them.

According to Yahoo! News, a couple staying at the Black Bear Ridge Resort yoinked $500 from the Angel's View Wedding Chapel. An employee (possibly a clergyman but likely a layperson—we'll never know) spotted their ride behind the house of the lord and the fuzz (the police) ran smack dab into these larceny-enthusiast at a restaurant (I'm guessing a Waffle House because that's where you celebrate these kinds of capers when you got a little spending cash).

Not that I've ever really stolen anything (I prefer to move things around, people blame gremlins), but I'd guess that the appeal of stealing a bunch of cash on your wedding night would be to spread it out on a bed and consummate right on that pile. But $500, even in small denominations, does not an Indecent Proposal scene make. In short, these jokers are not going to have Oceans 14 made about them or even The Hangover 2—those guys at least nicked a cop car and Mike Tyson's tiger*.

I suppose the silver lining in this cluster-fark of a honeymoon is that this the would-be Bonnie and Clyde didn't shoot anyone (or go all Mickey and Mallory).

*Note: Tomfoolery does not condone stealing police property or dangerous jungle cats. Frankly, just leave the hijinks to the professionals.

Any crazy wedding stories out there?