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Attractive people earn more, the new third base and dating his family.

It's time for links again. I grab the best that the web has to offer, tell you what it's about and YOU choose if you'd like to give it a read. That's service.

According to Lemondrop, Tufts University has had it up to "HERE" (your lofted dorm bed) with inconsiderate, horny roommates. The new university rule is no sex if the roommate is in the room. Who hasn't been on one end or the other of an impassioned plea to, "give me the room, just for tonight, do me a solid"?

The Frisky discusses a woman who writes about her enjoyment of dry sex. Not sex with an understated punch line—nope, sex in which the woman's lady parts are not properly lubricated. That sounds like punishment for everyone involved, including us for having to think about it.

Over at Em & Lo (, a contributor argues that third base and home should be flipped (oral is more intimate, she feels). To each her own, but you rarely hear about a woman getting teary-eyed after oral unless something goes terribly wrong. Read: The Etiquette of Oral Sex

The Single-ish blogger at Glamour has an ability to harbor a crush for half a decade and hopes to Christ he's not alone. Gotta love it when someone can reference Gabriel Garcia Marquez and John Hughes in a single (ish) post.

Huffington Post has a quirky screenwriter named Caprice Crane blogging up a storm and she wants to date your family, not just you. If we get a third quirky screenwriter writing quirky blogs with a quirky name then it's a trend (think Diablo Cody). Read: Full Disclosure: His Finances, His Health

Pickup lines work! LimeLife has a run-down, by a guy, of lines that actually work on women. Sadly, "My parents are rich" and, "Your hair smells like oranges" don't make the list.

At Asylum, they delve into a study that says good-looking people earn more money. I'm guessing that since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this has more to do with confidence than anything else. So, just get attractive, please.

It turns out that Jezebel has a different take on attractive women: they're mean! They get to the bottom of why women who earn more money are NOT good friends and may call people "ugly." 

My homey Simone Grant has learned the hard way that Ben Franklin's proverb "Good fences make good neighbors," means "thick walls make good neighbors" in the big city.

If you've a link I should check out, please post.