Is Your Wedding Hook-up Friendly?

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Hopefully, if you're getting married you aren't looking to hook up yourself, although, you know, to each her own!
Seriously though, there's no denying that all the romance in the air at weddings, not to mention all the alcohol and the dancing, tends to lead to more than one hook-up.
But, remember that scene in The Wedding Crashers where the Vince Vaughn character realizes that he's wound up with a total psycho? If you want to help your friends avoid this pitfall, check out OneWed's Wedding Pre-Party.

Wedding Pre-Party lets your single friends scope each out other BEFORE the wedding. That way when your fiance's best man tells you that your cousin is hot, you can warn him that she also has an on-again-off-again relationship with an NFL lineman. Likewise, when your little sister starts ogling your fiance's cousin, you can warn her about the ex-girlfriend who isn't quite an ex. 

All the couples you do approve of can meet on your Pre-Party page, and by the time of the wedding, all systems are a go!

Hey, finding someone to marry makes you lucky, so why not help your friends get lucky?