Are You Emasculating Your Man?

Are You Emasculating Your Man?
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If so, it's probably his fault.

Maybe the only reason women like Kate Gosselin treat their men like little kids is because their men act like little kids. Maybe if these men started behaving like men, their women would see them as men. Maybe, as Oprah has said multiple times, we teach people how to treat us. In Defense Of Kate Gosselin

Askmen thinks so. And in a new article entitled, "Reverse Emasculating Trends," they tell their readers that if they want to stop being emasculated by their women, they'd better stop asking for it.

Among the pieces of advice they offer that we can agree with:

1. Do something macho: "Women want a man who can do stuff, a guy who can build things, file taxes, drive a car in bad weather, or even fight a bear. Thus, doing something macho is the best way to reverse emasculating trends."

2. Treat her like a woman: "One way to remind her you're a man is to treat her like a woman. So get traditional. Buy her flowers and open the car door for her. Going old school is a great way to reverse emasculating trends."

3. Phase out baby talk: "You may think it's cute; she may think it's cute, but we can guarantee she doesn't think it's sexy and sexy trumps cute 100% of the time."  

Other sage advice includes: stop whining ("complaining all the time makes you sound like a whiner and a bit of a wuss") and work out ("it will just generally make you feel more manly").

All good advice; advice we would pass on to any man out there who's been broken by emasculating trends (yes, we're talking about you again, Jon Gosselin).

But before you get too swept up in the wisdom of Askmen and start thinking, "Wow, I should go to Askmen with all my relationship issues," remember: this is also the site that dedicates the majority of it's bandwidth to displaying and rating pictures of half-naked surgically enhanced women. My First Time Getting A Brazilian Wax

As such, it should come as no surprise that their number one tip for reversing emasculating trends is to "stop asking for her opinion." As they put it: "To reverse emasculting trends, start stating a preference before asking for her input. Show her you don't need her to make all your decisions for you."

Well, then. That's too bad. And just when we were about to start talking to our men as though they're grown-ups.