Would You Take Dating Advice From A Celebrity?

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What does Jennifer Love Hewitt have to say about love that's so important?

When a celebrity couple makes it past the one-year relationship mark, we crown them "ever-lasting." Until, that is, they are caught on hidden camera kissing a costar.

Suddenly, that same fairy-tale romance turns into tabloid headlines and late night one-liners.

Celebrity relationships seem like a recipe for disaster. If someone isn't hooking up, breaking up or splitting up a marriage, they're filming a scandalous sex scene in real life and leaking their own sex tape. Read: Make Your Best Sex Tape Yet

While celebrities never fail to entertain even the most intellectual among us, their erratic behavior doesn't exactly read like an instruction manual for stability. So why do they insist on writing relationship guides and how to manuals about dating? Dating Advice From Tila Tequila (It's Good!)

What do celebrities know about dating anyway? Don't their publicists do it for them?

Jennifer Love Hewitt is the latest celeb to offer up her opinion on "the new landscape of modern dating." After breaking off her engagement to Ross McCall and rebounding with co-star Jamie Kennedy, it seems that Jennifer, or "Love" as close pals call her, wants to enlighten women everywhere on "what men really want" by writing a romance self-help guide to dating. Entertainment Weekly has reported that Hewitt will publish The Day I Shot Cupid in March 2010. 

Brilliant! Now we can all learn how to text-message our way into John Mayer's heart.

The truth is, while self-help books do offer sound advice on dating and relationships, a celebrity perspective on what men really want is about as skewed as their dress size. How can we believe anything that comes out of a celebrity's mouth when they repeatedly insist on keeping their personal lives private but beg for top billing when it comes to press?

It's not that we don't believe celebrities want to fall in love, it's just that we question why they would want to help us mere mortals when they can barely help themselves.

Would you take relationship advice from a women whose middle name is "Love," or do you roll your eyes at the idea of a self-help novel grounded in never-never land?