Love Bytes: Where To Look For Love

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Pack your bags for love, stay tuned for outrageous television and 2 more things to ponder.

Love Bytes: four must-click sex, love and relationship links.

Dating advice from a couple of dudes. [College Humor]

Does it take celebrities longer to be ready for marriage? [Limelife]

Do you live in one of "The Best Cities for Singles?" [Yahoo! Shine]

There are 200,000+ more single women than men in the Manhattan area! (Sheesh! Ladies: if it feels especially hard here in Gotham, now we know why). The map also makes it clear why my friend thought dating in NYC was such a breeze as compared to SF: There are A LOT more single men out there --and in all of California, for that matter--than there are women.

Wolfboy gets his own dating show. [Asylum]