Make A Play Date With Your Spouse!


For ALL Moms and Dads,

This Month on the Parents Tool Talk Radio Show:
"Make A Play Date With Your Spouse!"

Message from Chris Gooley, Producer

I'm sending you this message to let you know about this month's installment
of the Parents Tool Talk Radio Show, hosted by Jody Johnston Pawel!

Valentine's Day is coming, and this month, Jody and our guest expert will
be discussing romance for parents and parenting partners in a show we've titled:
"Make A Play Date With Your Spouse!"

Our guest expert is Greg R. Thiel. Greg is happily married and the proud father
of two children. In addition to being a Certified Family Life Educator, a talented
relationship coach, and author, he enjoys working with couples and individuals
in his private practice ( and through webinars,
teleclasses, workshops, and on the air with us this week!

Jody and Greg will discuss:

  • what constitutes a "date" for most married couples,
    and how couples benefit from scheduling regular dates
  • how men and women view dating differently
  • some practical/economical ideas for keeping FUN alive in the marriage
  • how dating is different for couples during different stages in their families
  • the Nuts-N-Bolts for scheduling a date if a couple hasn't done it in awhile
  • suggestions for couples who have grown disconnected from their spouse
  • and of course, your questions!

We will broadcast LIVE this week on Friday, February 13, 2009
at 12 p.m. Eastern Time.

Guest Call-In Number: (347) 205-9654.
You can call in live on any cellular or land-based line, or through a
VoIP service such as Skype or Windows Live Messenger. Long distance
or other charges from your telephone company or service provider may apply.

To listen live on the Internet, go to and click
on this month's show title. Look for the BlogTalkRadio media player above
Jody's picture; the show will begin playing either automatically after 12 p.m.
Eastern Time, or you can start the show by pressing Play.

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We hope you can tune in to this month's show, Jody!

Chris Gooley, Producer
Parents Tool Talk Radio Show
Greg R. Thiel

Certified Family LIfe Educator

Denver Coach Federation

Connection Coaching, LLC

303-798-2456 x3