Soul Mate Myths

Soul Mate Myths

Does everyone have a soul mate?

Do you believe you have a soul mate? There are lots of ideas out there about the person you marry: he should be the one, your true love, your soul mate. Unfortunately, life doesn't usually work out that way. It's romantic and beautiful to believe that there's someone out there who is meant for you, who is your other half, who fits you perfectly, but putting too much faith in those notions can lead to trouble.

Today on Ask Dan and Jennifer, Scott and Stephen Petullo list nine soul mate myths that will screw up your love life. The writers point out that "most people’s perception of the concept of soul mates is based on movies and fairy tales instead of reality," and these ideas lead directly to disappointment.

Scott and Stephen are metaphysical explorers, meaning they predict the future, believe in karma and can talk to… dead people? Well, they're mediums, anyway. Some of this shows up in their dissection of soul mate myths, but if you're not into that just ignore the parts about knowing people in a past life. The basic myths are applicable to everyone.

Our favorite fabrications are… "When soul mates find each other, the perfect relationship will automatically ensue." Scott and Stephen talk about having challenging karma to work through, but we say, hey, when was the last time you had a perfect relationship with anyone? No matter how much you love someone, perfect does not exist.

"Your Soul Mate is the Love of Your Life" is another good one, and the advice is priceless: "you don’t know that for sure until the last day of your life."

Their first myth is perhaps the most important one: "everyone has one soul mate." There are many possible people you could fall in love with and marry; circumstances dictate whom we meet, what we want from that person and what they're able to give. Furthermore, people change, so if you meet someone in college you might not fit with that person when you're 35. And that's ok.

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What's your take on soul mates?

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