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Do Jerks Get Laid More?

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Good news for psycho-narcissists.

Good news for assholes everywhere!

A new study shows a 'dark triad' of Spencer Pratt-ian personality traits -- a narcissist's self-obsession, a Machiavellian's deceit and a psychopath's callous behavior -- are just the lust-cocktail some guys serve up get ladies in the sack, says New Scientist magazine.

Two hundred college students took personality tests and were also asked about their number of sexual partners. Only the young men showed a direct correlation between 'dark' traits,' like narcissism, and notches on the bed post. Another study of 35,000 people across 57 countries found a similar correlation 'between the dark triad and reproductive success in men.' This data says little about whether these guys are also capable of long-term, lasting relationships, though; it simply what bad boy behaviors will allegedly woo someone into bed.

We'd love to see more studies before we call this a bonafide 'trend' but it's certainly food for thought. What gives, ladies? We thought that old saying "women love assholes" was just a stereotype. What is it about a guy who lies you and only cares about himself that screams "sleep with me!"?

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