Top 2007 Tunes If You're...Engaged

Top 2007 Tunes If You're...Engaged
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Getting ready to walk down the aisle? Music you'll both enjoy

Surely, someone has gifted you an iTunes or Amazon gift card over the holiday season. This week, we’re helping you spend, spend, spend by posting our picks for the best albums of 2007, tailored to your LoveStage—from singles-to-the-dance-floor anthems to couples-in-the-bedroom ballads.

Canadian songstress Leslie Feist has been a raunchy electro-clash backup dancer, an indie-rock hippie, and an NPR favorite. But like a newly betrothed couple, she has finally settled down—as a ’70s-AM radio-pop star. The Reminder is a stunningly beautiful album celebrating love, nature, and the well-placed banjo pluck.

Check back throughout the week (or previous days' posts) for music for every LoveStage...Next up: Top 2007 Tunes If You're...Married.


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