5 Zodiac Signs Whose Lives Will Drastically Improve When Uranus Goes Direct On January 27

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Uranus, considered the planet of the unexpected, rules freedom, rebellion, technology, changeability and aviation. Uranus is retrograde for about five months each year, leading to bottled-up energies and an increased awareness of the need for change in whatever area of the chart Uranus is transiting. But when Uranus turns direct on January 27, 2024, those energies are often acted on either by design — or at times, it could seem the changes are coming at you, ready or not. 



Events involving Uranus often seem shocking, but they are usually the inevitable result of a situation that is no longer working and Uranus wakes us up to what is really occurring in our lives for better or worse. While retrograde, Uranus may seem ‘asleep’ and things may slow down. But as it turns direct, we can experience brilliant ideas and epiphanies or in some cases shocking and unexpected change. 

Zodiac signs whose lives will improve dramatically this year when Uranus turns direct on January 27, 2024

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1. Aquarius / Aquarius rising

Ruled by Saturn and Uranus, when one of your planetary rulers is retrograde many things slow down and you can experience more delays and frustration than usual. The retrograde period of any planet is generally the most challenging time, so its direct motion can only be a plus. 

Those with an Aquarius zodiac sign have (or will have soon) Uranus square the Sun from the fourth house, meaning unexpected changes in the home or for your basic foundation, and the change sometimes hits like a bolt of lightning out of the blue. Uranus square Sun is associated with breakups, job change and change in the home.

While it may be difficult, if this is the case, consider the universe is telling you that it’s time for something new and better. Once Uranus has crossed your Sun the drama should slow down.

2. Taurus / Taurus rising

Uranus is transiting your first house of self, bringing about many personal changes in your life and the way you approach things. Innovation and new approaches are key with Uranus in your first house so its direct motion means you can get back to being in touch with your own creativity and work your personal magic once again.

While things may start out with a surprise, you will soon get back into your exciting groove and make things happen.



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3. Cancer / Cancer rising

Uranus is sextile Cancer’s Sun from the 11th house of friends, groups, hopes and wishes. You may have felt like you didn't know who your true friends really were during Uranus retrograde, but once the planet turns direct you will figure out friends from frenemies.

If your social network seems dull or nonexistent, this will change as well. Since the 11th house rules groups and organizations you may find yourself lining up with some new groups. If you are looking for a job change, now will be a great time to pursue this as well.

4. Virgo / Virgo rising

Uranus has been retrograde in your ninth house, which rules travel, education, publishing, spirituality and your general outlook on the world. Uranus also trines your Sun which will bring new and usually unexpected opportunities to the forefront. Have you been dreaming of doing big things? If so, now will be the time to turn your dreams into concrete reality.

If your education has been on hold this may gear up as well, and remember: this does not have to be formal education. It could even be some type of self-learning situation. Travel may also be more appealing and since Uranus rules the internet we can cross the globe in the blink of an eye; you could make new contacts in faraway places.

5. Capricorn / Capricorn rising

Transiting Uranus is in your fifth house of friends, love and children. Uranus’s direct motion can only help your love life, especially if you are single. If this is the case, you could meet someone new during this transit — or perhaps you already have! If you are coupled up, look for things to spice up quickly.

If you have had issues with friends or haven’t been able to see much of them, this will change as well. If you are a parent and you have noticed more issues with your child this should change for the better, or you may find yourself planning about having children.

Lastly, the fifth house also rules creativity, so you may have some creative ideas that hit like a bolt of lightning. If this is the case, make use of this time and make it happen!

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