Best Careers For Virgo Zodiac Signs

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Best Careers for Virgo Zodiac Signs

Career horoscopes reveal the best jobs and worst careers for all zodiac signs.

And, if you were born a Virgo Sun sign, you might enjoy an occupation in healthcare or fitness because of your astrology.

Like any other part of your life, your zodiac sign affects your job and career.

A Virgo career horoscope can help you decide which job fits your personality traits.

As Earth signs, Virgos are naturally conservative and conscious.

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Virgos exercise carefulness. It's what makes you well suited to tasks that require extraordinary attention.

You can be paid to note even the smallest of details.

As a detail-oriented zodiac sign, you are exceptionally well-organized and definite in how you approach life.

Your work ethic and commitment, not only to your outcomes in life but also those of others, make you irreplaceable as friends and companions.

It also makes you irreplaceable in the workplace.

What careers are best according to your Virgo horoscope?

You excel in careers that allow you to throw your all into your work. Others benefit from your incredibly scrutinizing eye.

When searching for a career, their focus should be on jobs that utilize your steady pace most effectively.

So to help you out, we’ve put together a list of careers that offer flexibility and creativity and are great fits for you and all Virgo zodiac signs.

Here are the best jobs and career horoscope for Virgo zodiac signs, per astrology:

Career horoscope for Virgo — audiologists

Audiologists perform hearing tests to gauge whether clients are experiencing any hearing loss or impairment.

This involves diagnostic testing and characterization of what the cause of any hearing issue might be.

As such, they are well served by paying attention to every detail and making recommendations based on data available.

From 2018 to 2028 the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects audiologists to grow 16% in total employment.

To be one you need either a doctorate or professional degree. Median pay is $77,600 a year.

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Career horoscope for Virgo — medical secretaries

Medical Secretaries handle medical records for clinics, hospitals, and individual practices, as well as do service billing and other administrative work.

They need to know the hospital and medical terminology and the applicable regulations and stipulations for handling a client’s medical data.

Virgos, thus, are a good fit for the job as they are able to keep in mind many of those relevant regulations and rules for doing their work.

The U.S. BLS projects that total occupation for Medical Secretaries will grow substantially over the next decade.

You need a high school degree and the median yearly pay for the job is $37,000.

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Career horoscope for Virgo — nurse practitioners

Nurse Practitioners are medical personnel who perform many tasks similar to a doctor or physician’s assistant without attending medical school.

Instead, they typically attend a more specialized master’s program and get certified for a specific type of medical practice.

Like with any medical diagnostic job, Virgos are well suited to being Nurse Practitioners, as they are especially capable of paying attention to many different signs or symptoms at once.

To be a Nurse Practitioner, you need a specialized master’s degree. Median pay is $116,000 a year.

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Career horoscope for Virgo — veterinary technologists and technicians

Veterinary Technologists and Technicians work in a Veterinarian's office and perform medical tests on animals.

Whereas Veterinarians provide treatment, Veterinary Technicians diagnose the problem in the first place.

They do a lot of routine testing and interpret results. Because the job relies on attentiveness and consistent effort, Virgos are a natural fit.

From 2018 to 2028 the number of people working as Veterinary Technologists and Technicians is expected to grow by 19%.

The annual yearly pay is $35,000 and usually requires a certification program beyond high school.

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Career horoscope for Virgo — statisticians

Statisticians compile information and perform statistical analysis to solve issues.

Typically they work in businesses or any other industry which relies on mathematical analysis, gathering data on that industry’s performance or indicators.

Virgos, with their eye for detail, do well with conducting various tests and analysis to get at the root of an issue or cause to a phenomenon.

According to the U.S. BLS, statisticians are on track to grow 30% in total employment between 2018 and 2028.

They require a master’s degree and have a median pay of $92,000 a year.

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