9 Ways To Use Journaling To Manifest Love In Your Life

What are you bringing into your life?

How To Manifest Love Using Journaling And The Law Of Attraction by Liam Anderson from Pexels

Wishing to manifest love in your life and the right man as your romantic partner? The most powerful way to find love is to combine both inner and outer tools.

In this case, that means using the Law of Attraction to manifest love in your life at every opportunity — including journaling!

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After all, to find your ideal man, you need to do more than get online and go have coffee. You want the universe working for you as well!

Journaling is one of the most potent inner methods to attract love for so many reasons. This is such a popular self-help tool, sales of journals and notebooks actually jumped 18 percent in 2018 versus the year before!

When you spend time writing longhand, asking thought-provoking questions, you open new doors for understanding yourself, tap into your inner wisdom, and come up with unique solutions.

Not only that, journaling can be a wonderful method for manifesting what you want, too! The more time you spend thinking about love from a positive perspective and being in loving energy, the more likely you are to attract it!


Here are 9 ways to use journaling to help yourself manifest love, using the Law of Attraction to find the right man. Plus, use the prompts to get you started with each one.

1. Create lists about love

The simple act of making a list about why you want to be in love gets the energy flowing your way. You can make lists about what you will do together, what kind of adventures you’ll have, and what you want to learn.

Writing lists or using bullets is the easiest kind of journaling because it's so quick. Plus, you can go back any time to add new ideas to expand and enrich your lists.

  • How does a man show you he loves you?
  • What are the benefits of being in a loving relationship?
  • What chores will your man take charge of if he's handy?
  • What do you enjoy most about intimacy and sex?
  • What do you adore about being in love?

2. Learn from your past

If you've dated or been in a relationship, you probably learned a variety of lessons. Reviewing what transpired is a great technique to reinforce and strengthen this learning, so you can grow from it.


When you take the time to process what happened in your past relationship(s) and learn from them, that growth helps you make better decisions in the future.

Apply these lessons to date smarter this time around.

  • What did I learn about communication?
  • How well were my expectations met?
  • Where could I have stood my ground better?
  • What did I do to make my man feel good and build him up?
  • How could I approach conflicts in a healthier way?

3. Track dating activities

When you are looking for love, sometimes it seems like nothing's happening, even if you're making an effort. That's why you should keep track of your dating activities.

Without this evidence, you may not be connected to your actual progress!


Plus, when you are tracking your activities, you remember to do them more often and feel more motivated in case you tend to wiggle out of things you don't "feel like doing."

  • How many new guys did you talk to this week?
  • How many coffee dates did you have this month?
  • Who did you meet? Take notes about each man and what you liked about him
  • What else besides online dating sites and apps do you use to meet men?
  • How many men did you smile at or strike up a conversation with?

4. Get clear about the man you want

If you're looking for love, don't leave it all up to chance! That’s how you end up with some man you love but can’t meet your needs.

Instead, put some serious thought into the kind of guy you want. Not only who appeals to you but what makes him compatible.

Ask yourself these questions to clarify the man you're seeking:

  • Who is he as a person?
  • What personality traits does he have?
  • What is his lifestyle like?
  • What does he do in his free time?
  • What life values would best match yours?

5. Take stock of the love you have now

Even if you aren't in a romantic relationship right now, you still have love in your life. Make a list of the people you love and those who love you from all areas of your life. Think about why you love these people and how they enrich your world.

  • Count your friends and why you love each one individually
  • Write about your love for family members
  • Think about neighbors, colleagues, and people you volunteer or worship with
  • Remember your pets and how they contribute to your happiness

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6. Use affirmations to attract love

Writing your affirmations is one of the most common ways to leverage this popular manifesting method. Some people write the same exact affirmations every day. Others mix things up, writing what inspires them in the moment about love.

Affirmations work best when they're crafted in the present tense as if they're happening now. For example, "I am a lovable woman who attracts and interacts with quality men often."

The more ways you can think of to say the same thing reinforces your desire and message to the universe.

  • Affirm the kind of love you want
  • Affirm the kind of man you want
  • Affirm the kind of relationship you'll enjoy
  • Affirm that love is possible and on its way to you now

7. Notice the love around you

When you want to attract love, the more you think about love in an optimistic way, the higher your love vibe will go.


That’s exactly what you want because according to the Law of Attraction, "Like attracts like." So, when your love frequency is active and happy, you are far more magnetic to the love you want.

When you notice loving couples and other examples of love around you, you also raise your love-consciousness because you're setting your radar to see love. That's another great way to amp up your attraction.

For example, yesterday while sitting on the beach at the end of the day, I saw a young couple with a blanket on the sand bar kissing. It was so sweet, the scene definitely heightened my love vibe!

  • Who did I notice in love today and why did it raise my love vibe?
  • Who did I have a loving, kind interaction with and how did that make me feel?
  • What love did I notice that I hope to soon experience myself?

8. Know why you're lovable

If you want to attract love, then you want to be loving. I'm sure you embody many lovable qualities. This is a wonderful method to get to know who you are as a loving woman and why some man will be darn lucky to have you!


Many women have a difficult time coming up with what is good about themselves. For years, they were instructed to be humble and not brag. That's actually an important reason to do this exercise.

You want to build your confidence to attract the kind of quality man you desire and acknowledging your worthiness is essential.

Men appreciate confidence in a woman the same way women look for this. So, make sure you don't skip this journaling process. You need to feel good about yourself. It's also a great help for handling possible rejection.


Remembering why you're a great catch is sometimes the best technique to counteract a bad date or disappointment.

  • Why am I lovable?
  • Why would some man be so lucky to be in a relationship with me?
  • How do I make a man feel good that he's with me?

9. Imagine your future in love

Ready for a loving relationship now? Reach into the future and connect with the part of yourself that knows exactly what to do!

Your future self is already in love, so she knows the path you took to find the right man. Who better to get love and dating advice from? Talk to that part of yourself who knows what to do.

Spending time imagining your future in love is a surefire way to get your love vibe buzzing! Think about how life will be, your happiness, what is going well. You'll come away from this exercise feel inspired.

  • What advice does my future self in love have to share with me?
  • What do I need to be more open about to connect with "the one?"
  • Is anything getting in the way of finding love now?

As mentioned earlier, the more time you spend feeling positive about love and in loving energy, the more of a match you make yourself to the love you dream of. Strengthen your belief in love, your confidence and your worthiness to make yourself a vibrational match to the love you want.

Your consistent journaling practice will open your mind, your eyes and your heart to more possibilities and help you find and attract love faster. Go get your notebook and start writing a page right now.

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Ronnie Ann Ryan is a love and dating coach who's helped thousands of successful single women with hot careers (but a chilly love life) find lasting love. For more mindset tips, listen to her Free audio program "5 ways to attract a quality man."