The Order Of Each Planet & How Stationary Retrograde Affects Your Zodiac Sign

Stop and stare at that planetary alignment!

Planets Order From The Sun & Zodiac Sign Horoscope When Station Or Retrograde Photo by Irene Dávila on Unsplash

Have you ever wondered why you click with some friends more than others?

Maybe you feel more inclined to steal the spotlight or feel more comfortable fading into a crowd? We all have personality aspects that aren’t 100 percent justifiable. For the causation of these traits, we look to astrology!

Astrology is all about studying the positioning of the stars and identifying how those positionings affect your daily life and general personality.


We are all individually unique in our own ways, but some overarching characteristics connect us to one another.

Analyzing your natal chart will give you insight into what the planets were up to at the time of your birth.

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From our position on Earth, the surrounding planets in our solar system can appear to move in different ways. Due to varying orbital paths and speeds, any given planet can appear to move forward (known as direct positioning), backward (known as a retrograde cycle), or stationary.

One of the first things we learn in school is that all of the planets orbit around the Sun.

So, obviously many of these planetary movements we observe when interpreting a horoscope are not exactly true, but the perception of their movement is what is believed to impact action and decision.

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There is a lot of information online about the direct and retrograde movements of our planets, but not too many people know about the importance of evaluating a stationary planet.

What does it mean when a planet stations? The stationary period of a planet occurs right before and right after the transitions between direct and retrograde.

For a moment, the planet appears to be still in the solar system. Think of ships passing in the night. As one ship travels on its individual path, the other moves towards it. Assuming that the ships are traveling at the same speed, there is a time where they both appear to stand still.

Identifying if you were born during a planet’s stationary positioning can give you even more insight into your innate ability to connect to certain traits and behaviors.


The planets are each the ruler of different characteristic highlights; so here’s how each planet, when stationed, influences you!

Personal Planets

1. Mercury

Rules Gemini and Virgo

Mercury has a retrograde period of about 24 days. It is stationary for about 3 days at a time. Those born under a Mercury station are deeply connected to communication.

This planet is known as the messenger of the gods, so there should be no surprise that you have strong thoughts and an urgency to share them.

You want to be heard and appreciated for the things you say. Some famous faces born under this station? Hillary Clinton, Stalin, and George Lucas.

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2. Venus

Rules Taurus and Libra

Venus retrogrades for around 42 days and remains stationary for about 11 days. You have a natural inclination toward the arts. Maybe you are a dancer, painter, or writer. Either way, you have a natural talent in all things artistic.

You are deeply connected to worldly pleasures; you like materialistic things. This can keep you from staying humble and grounded. Make sure you are aware of when your wants outweigh your needs. Some celebrities born in a stationary Venus are Amy Winehouse and Robert De Niro.

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3. Mars

Rules Aries

Ancient Ruler of Scorpio


Mars retrogrades once every two years. It has a retrograde period of about 80 days and stays stationary for around 20 days at a time. Under this station, you are deeply connected to the fire within. Your passion can be shown outward in many ways.

Through anger, violence, debate, and power struggles, you make sure you are always on top, no matter the case. You are also a magnetic personality; people can’t help but get to know you. Some famous stationary Mars people are President FDP, Bernie Sanders, and Rupert Murdoch.

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The Outer Planets

4. Jupiter

Rules Sagittarius


Being the largest planet in the solar system give Jupiter a lot of power in terms of astrological influence. It is the planet of expansion and bounty. This can be seen in both the physical reading and the spiritual one.

You are naturally lucky and work hard for the things that come to you, but there is just something extra that sends good fortune your way. At the same time, you are a strong believer in searching for a higher cause. You like to experience different religions and spiritualities to find what works for you.

In turn, this makes you highly cultured and knowledgeable about other peoples’ belief systems. A few celebs that share this placement are the Dalai Lama, Tom Cruise, and Judy Garland.

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5. Saturn

Rules Capricorn

Saturn is another planet that has a long orbital path. It is in retrograde for 140 days and is stationary for 10 days at a time. This planet rules order and discipline, so you are naturally well mannered and appropriate in all forms of social interaction.

With your strong self-control, you may find yourself falling behind in your social life. You always want to do the right thing, but also want to fit in with others. Acknowledge the struggle and use your strengths to find balance. Other people that feel this way include Liam Neeson and Lance Armstrong.

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6. Uranus

Rules Aquarius

Uranus is the planetary ruler of moving forward. This planet’s retrograde period is 150 days with stationary periods of 16 days. As the God of the Sky, it commands positive change and rejects the binds of tradition.

This makes you extremely strong-willed and independent by nature. Regardless of what your cause is, you will speak out about it, adamantly. This can sometimes run the risk of getting you in trouble.


Choose your battles wisely, babe. Some other celebrities that share a stationary Uranus placement are Abe Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Lady Gaga.

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7. Neptune

Rules Pisces

Neptune has a retrograde period of 160 days with stationary placements of 16 days at a time. With this placement in your natal chart, you are drawn to the whimsical and magical elements of life. You have no interest in the mundane and limiting.

You have natural creativity and want to share that with everyone you meet! This comes naturally to you because of your innately compassionate nature. Others like you include J.K, Rowling, David Bowie, and Beethoven.


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8. Pluto

Modern ruler of Scorpio

Because Pluto is the furthest planet in the astrological solar system, it takes a while to orbit. Similarly to Neptune, the retrograde period is 160 days with a stationary period of 16 days.

The energy of the planets becomes more intense when in a station, so you will tap into Pluto’s transformative nature. You are easily adaptable and flexible. This makes you easy to work with and fun to be around! Be careful to not let this go to your head. Some famous people with this placement are Neil Young, Keifer Southerland, and Bill Wyman.


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