10 Best Careers & Jobs For Pisces

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The best Pisces jobs and careers choices are ones that best fit their personality so that they enjoy going every day.

It’s one thing for job seekers to pursue a career that you studied for and have interest in, but even better when you can take those interests down a path that works best with your sign of the zodiac.

If you're a Pisces Sun sign or your career-oriented Midheaven is in Pisces, you want a career that allows you to use your creative side.

Pisces dates are February 19 - March 20. Those born under this water sign are adaptable, caring, and kind.

Pisces is sensitive and compassionate to those who are the “underdogs” and they can easily adapt to different situations.

When on the job, a Pisces zodiac sign usually is super focused, but it lasts for a limited time. It’s important to find a job that best suits your zodiac sign so as to fully use your abilities.

Look for career options that let you be imaginative and creative. You need work that is easily adaptable.

When you find a career that allows you to express deep compassion and empathy for others, you'll be in your sweet spot.

Occupations that let you use your powerful intuition or support teamwork won't be difficult to go to each day.

Best careers and jobs for Pisces

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1. Salesperson

This is a job that requires good listening skills and a strong need to be helpful — two traits Pisces definitely embodies.

People will rely on someone like you to explain and help with their questions and guide them to what they need as a customer along with leaving them with a feeling of gratitude.

2. Marketing associate

This career path is good for a Pisces zodiac sign because it will let you act on your creative bone along with your need to solve problems.

By being a marketing associate, you have the ability to help grow, advance, and shape the image of a company through many creative outlets.

3. Recruiter

This job will really showcase your ability to sympathize with others and relate to your personal life.

Some tasks involved in recruiting include vet candidates, conducting employment screenings, making hiring recommendations, and administering assessments.

4. Educator

Being an educator relies on one’s ability to help those who are wanting to learn along with getting students of any age to engage in their learning environment.

There are many different jobs as an educator that can fit your personal bias, such as health educator, public school teacher, and/or GED educator

5. Social worker

This career requires one to help out those in need while keeping a professional boundary between them and who they are helping, which is perfect for sensitive Pisces.

Being a social worker means one should have a lot of resources in the community.

You'll be able to perfectly arrange home placements for children and families and help navigate clients throughout specific procedures along with resolving problems that arise.

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6. Certified nursing assistant

This work environment will keep Pisces focused while experiencing a variety of situations to keep engaged.

By acting on your intuitive nature and ability to comfort others, you are perfect for providing care to patients, supporting nurses and physicians, and administering tests without fear or malice.

7. Human resources assistant

Similar to a social worker, this is another career where listening is an important factor, which is easy for a Pisces.

By administering work samples, helping to facilitate new employee orientations, collaborating with other members in your department, and mediating work conflicts, this should come easy to you.

8. Visual manager

In the same area as a marketing associate, a visual manager allows Pisces to channel their creativity and act on their intuitive nature.

As a visual manager you can let your creative side shine as you devise visual marketing strategies, produce creative displays that attract customers, and conduct research ways that encourage customers to give the store a chance.

9. Musician

Anyone can be a musician if they put in enough time and effort, but this really lets you show off your creativity in many ways while also changing it to fit your own style.

Along with writing music and coming up with ideas for shows and music videos, you also are in charge of marketing yourself to appeal to a large group while also being entertaining.

10. Physical therapist

Physical therapy is a difficult task for both the patient and the therapist, but being compassionate to the patient and adapting to changes that might occur with the patient is something that Pisces will be able to do without hesitation.

Along with helping those to re-learn how to move around without a wheelchair or crutches, you also have to be open to making exercises not as daunting and difficult for the patient to not give up.

There are many more careers that can be listed, but these will jumpstart you in the right direction.

If none of these aren’t speaking out to you, don’t worry, just find one that you know won’t tire you easily.

In the end, as a Pisces, look for a job that allows creativity, where you can use your great listening skills for a long time without feeling like you’re putting up a facade, and an environment that you know will encourage you to focus.

Good luck in your career hunt, and make sure to believe in yourself.

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