What Is The Most Common Zodiac Sign?

Find out the most common zodiac sign in the United States, based on recent birth data.

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It's easy to think that Aries, the rambunctious ram, is the most common zodiac sign. After all, they always want to be number one at everything.

Or is it Leo? After all, studies have shown that people tend to give birth more during summer months compared to winter as resources are more abundant during that season.

The answer is: neither.

What is the most common zodiac sign?

According to the US Government's birth data from 1994 to 2014, the most common zodiac sign is Cancer. That checks the “summer month” box.


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But according to the data, the difference between Cancer and the next most-common zodiac sign, Virgo, is just a fraction of a decimal. So even if Cancers around the world want to take over the globe, they will have a hard time defeating the other zodiac armies.


Jokes aside, Cancer season is actually the longest astrological season of them all, spanning from June 21 to July 22. It has one extra day compared to the other zodiac signs. So this gives would-be mommies and hospitals one more day to bring newborns into this world, which could be part of why Cancer wins out as the most common zodiac sign.

Of course, by this math, one might think Aquarius is the rarest zodiac sign. After all, Aquarius season takes up most of February, which is the shortest month of them all. But in reality, the least common zodiac sign is Capricorn. Because unlike Aquarius season, which lasts for 31 days, Capricorn season is only for 29!

This is good news, as the Cancer zodiac sign has a lot of positive traits.

Cancers are caring and home-oriented, soft-hearted and sentimental people. But like the crab that represents them, they are not ones to be messed with. They prefer peace over conflict and love spending time with their friends and family. But if you poke at them and push their buttons, they are good at rounding up the allies and showing you who's the boss.


A lot of Cancers are also exceptionally good with money. The Cancer intuition makes them bet on the right investments and funds, thus, growing their wealth exponentially over time. It might be because Cancers are a good judge of character. And if there's one rule when it comes to investing, it is that you should invest in things you believe are solid and true. It's less about who's the biggest hype of the times.

Cancers love food and are really close to their mother. Ruled by the Moon and at home in the fourth house of home, family, and the mother, Cancer Sun signs are very close to their family, especially their mom. They are also devout foodies. But unlike Taurus, Cancers would rather have a bowl of comfort food than a fine-dining meal that serves you a quarter-sized dollop of ice cream for dessert.

Cancers are also romantic at heart. Nothing makes a Cancer happier than spending quality time with the one they love. And in romantic settings, they can really give Leo a run for their money with how romantic they are.  Also, Cancers are very attentive lovers. So you can expect them to take their time getting to know your body. And if you want to show them some love, hit them at their most erogenous spot (the chest).

Isn't it wonderful that the sentimental crab is the most common zodiac sign of them all?


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Virgo and Leo are the next most common zodiac signs.

According to US Government birth data, Virgos make up 8.95% of all births and Leos 8.88%. They aren't too far away from Cancer, which makes up 9.01% of all births. The summer months are definitely winning out!

Also, since childbirths happen within 9 months (with some coming out prematurely at 8 and others after 10), the time of conception of all three Cancer, Leo, and Virgo babies seems to be the end of the previous year. A time that is known for cozy hugs and snuggles, along with family gatherings during Thanksgiving and Christmas.


The most common zodiac sign also has an odd coincidence with the United States. According to many astrologers, because the United States Independence Day lands on the 4th of July, the star sign of the stars-and-stripes nation is also Cancer!

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