The Meaning Of Lunar Eclipses In Each Zodiac Sign

Lunar eclipses can be a gateway into a much more prosperous new chapter for our future.

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Lunar eclipses are potent and cathartic since it is a time filled with heavy emotions that urge us to make a change, even when we do not want to. There is a lot of anxiety, regret, and even a thrill when a lunar eclipse happens because we can sense a new beginning. Collective physical manifestations of this period can be linked to a lack of sleep, feeling extremely tired, or just overall anxiety. Deep down we may sense that things will not be the same as before, but an adventure awaits us. As long as we do not cling too tightly to the past, the lunar eclipse can be a gateway into a much more prosperous new chapter for our future.


The meaning of lunar eclipses in each zodiac sign



Lunar eclipse in Aries

Collectively, this is a unique burst of energy that can shift the way we view everything from that moment on. It can feel chaotic because the energy now is challenging since Mars is the ruler, but through the South Node, we can learn more about diplomacy and patience through Venus. We are in for a surprise because everything feels fast-paced and out of our control. The lunar eclipse in Aries will help us all begin new things and feel unstoppable. However, balance is essential now, especially for fire and cardinal signs. We may feel extremely inspired to plan a lot but may not get very far until the next cardinal eclipse happens.


Lunar eclipse in Taurus

A moment filled with passion and romance as this Venusian eclipse will make us all feel shaky as the energy tests the strength and longevity of our relationships and foundation. The eclipse here can feel like a much-needed wake-up call as we switch gears to make things work in our favor by learning to prioritize ourselves. Everyone will experience a need to create more abundance in the area of their chart where Taurus is ruling. It is a time for practical planning and none of the spontaneous energy from the lunar eclipse in Gemini. We all set our sights on useful things that will give us emotional peace and stability.

Lunar eclipse in Gemini

We learn to trust the process, be more spontaneous, and the meaning of freedom. The eclipse here wants us to make new friends and get more in touch with our curious side. It is a time for intellectual growth, abundance, and learning about our relationship dynamics with others. We can become more connected with friends, neighbors, colleagues, or classmates. The focus now is on building relationships, even if they aren't intended to last. It is a period to gain information, learn, evaluate, and carry on. The knowledge we acquire during this transition will help us attain more stability in the next phase.

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Lunar eclipse in Cancer

An extremely potent energy because the Moon is in domicile here. We will be extremely inspired to connect with our heritage and roots. Family becomes important or the friends we consider to be family. The eclipse in Cancer is a reminder to be more connected with who we are and honor our value system, friends, and family. There is more emotional awareness as we become more in tune with the aches in our hearts. After the eclipse, we will be more comfortable with articulating our sentiments with others. 


Lunar eclipse in Leo

We reconnect with friends and family during this transition because we learn to be more connected with the people who empower us. This is an ego-nourishing transit that will help us be a lot more ambitious and dream beyond. An eclipse in Leo could also fuel some deep emotional responses from within as we break free from painful memories and feel empowered to make new and happier ones. Our new sense of freedom will help us add love to our lives and joy.

Lunar eclipse in Virgo

The lunar eclipse in Virgo is a time when we can all benefit from looking deeper at the details and learning how to create and bring more structure and order into our lives. Home becomes our sanctuary because it is where we will brainstorm new ideas. The eclipse will help us work towards what we want and to be more connected with our energy levels. We will take care of ourselves, and our plans as long as we do not become our worst enemy. Virgo energy allows us to curate and plan how to get closer to what we desire to do professionally.

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Lunar eclipse in Libra

Ever had a lovely dream and felt inspired by it? This is what it feels like to experience the eclipse in Libra. We tune into our inner romantic but collectively we will feel many social changes. While the nodes move to Aries and Libra, we can see two extremes of these nodes; war and peace. Fairness is the key here and creating equilibrium. Here is where we can see new laws that benefit the collective to be created. We can meet the love of our lives, get married, or divorced. There is also a good chance to make peace because this transit can make us more diplomatic.


Lunar eclipse in Scorpio

Waking up from an enchanted dream is the feeling when the lunar eclipse falls in Scorpio. One usually feels the calm before the storm because the Moon is at fall in this sign. It can feel tumultuous and almost as if we are waging a war within. There is a need for transparency when there is an eclipse in Scorpio because sometimes we could be our enemies. A big thing during this transition, collectively is to reframe our thinking, so that we can embrace the changes without drowning during the transformations.

Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius

This transit can almost feel like rediscovering an old project from the past and feeling a burst of motivation and inspiration to learn more and work on it. There is growth and academic learning that we may pursue when the eclipse is in this sign. We are more appreciative, open-minded, and willing to make friendships work. The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius can help us get into positions where we teach and mentor others. 

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Lunar eclipse in Capricorn

Getting our priorities straight is one of the themes of the lunar eclipse in Capricorn. We could see a change in our routine, meet different friends who become like mentors, or experience more work and responsibilities. A lunar eclipse ruled by Saturn is a time to evaluate our movements and follow the guidance of the wise. While we may all feel a need to rebel, Saturn will find a way to humble us during this transit. Be prepared, work hard, and don’t give up when the eclipse falls in any Saturnian sign.


Lunar eclipse in Aquarius

When the Lunar Eclipse is in the sign of Aquarius, we want to connect with others in deeper ways because this eclipse is co-ruled by Uranus and Saturn. However, Uranus can bring some surprises. Nevertheless, we are pushed yet again to find ourselves, just like in the Sagittarius transit. The journey to sea continues here, but now that we feel more in control we have our map and the experience to lead the trip.

Lunar eclipse in Pisces

A romantic journey to finding ourselves and learning to love ourselves represents this eclipse. Pisces focuses on the collective, and this energy is about learning how to distribute our love to the people and causes that matter. We protect the underdog and learn to be there for others who truly need us because the energy here is about healing. The compassion we have now can contribute to making changes that help others.

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