How Mars Affects The Way You Love, According To Astrology

Mars rules over your energy.

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While most people think of Sun signs or Venus signs when it comes to zodiac compatibility, Mars, the planet of passion, can also play an important role in your relationships.

Your Mars sign shows what you love and who you are attracted to. Mars represents your ego, determination, and drive.

Mars is associated with arguing and fighting because of the intensity it brings to the natal chart.

Wherever Mars is located in your natal chart, it colors the energy of that astrology house and zodiac sign.


So, when Mars is in a particular zodiac sign, it controls your impulses and your willpower in that area. And when Mars is in transit during the year and conjuncts your natal Mars placement, it can ignite your natal chart.

How Mars conjunct natal Mars transits affect the way you love

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Mars conjunct natal Mars in Aries

Mars conjunct your natal Mars in Aries is a time for instinct and impulsivity.

This is a time when you won’t be overthinking things, but you will do what feels right.

This may be a time to call upon old romances, or end relationships that aren’t going the way you want them to.

During this time, you may find out what you really truly want.

Any decisions you are faced with will be met with a quick instinctive answer.

Mars conjunct natal Mars in Taurus

When Mars conjuncts your natal Mars in Taurus, use this time to be deliberate and meticulous.

Seek out the problems in your relationships and use them as opportunities for improvement. You may find yourself slowly becoming almost nit-picky in hopes of constantly improving.


This may be a time to go back and re-examine a relationship that may have ended too soon.

Perhaps you may want to see if there is something worth working on.

Mars conjunct natal Mars in Gemini

Mars conjunct with your natal Mars in Gemini will be a time of clarity.

The ever-indecisive Gemini heart will calibrate its compass and start realizing what it is truly looking for.

While usually goofy and aloof, Geminis may find themselves serious and sure about their romantic intentions.

This is a time of romantic movement for Geminis and they will not take it lightly.

Mar conjunct natal Mars in Cancer

Mars conjunct with your natal Mars in Cancer may leave you a little defensive. You may feel a little suspicious of your partner while being unable to recognize your own flaws.


During this time it is important to take a step back and try to see your partner's point of view.

Recognize that you have a tendency to be manipulative and that side of you is more apt to appear during this time.

Self-awareness is key to making it through this time in a healthy relationship.

Mars conjunct natal Mars in Leo

When Mars conjuncts natal Mars in Leo, it is a great time if you are single because you are going to be drawn to risky behavior and “single girl” choices.

If you are in a relationship, try not to let your desires get the best of you. Recognize that with your desire to experience new things may come resentment toward your current relationship.


Try to remind yourself of everything that you love about your partner and ignore the pull to go out and make poor choices.

Mars conjunct natal Mars in Virgo

When Mars is conjunct with your natal Mars in Virgo, you may feel very driven in many aspects of your life.

It is a wonderful time for productivity, which for Virgos might be a euphoric spell of scheduling.

As much as you may enjoy this period of your life, it can be hard on your partner.

Even if you do manage to make enough time for them, it will be very scheduled and routine, making them feel like part of your job or an obligation.

Make sure you take the time to make them feel special. Try your hardest to find spontaneity with your partner as it could mean quite a lot to them.


Mars conjunct natal Mars in Libra

Most of the time, Libras will swallow their anger and do anything to avoid confrontation.

When Mars is conjunct with your natal Mars in Libra, however, this is time to explore.

If a Libra is ever going to tell you their true feelings are going to be during this time.

A small argument will likely surface out of old resentments and grudges. This could be a subject never mentioned until it grows into a knock-em-down drag-em-out brawl ended with no one being the winner.

Mars conjunct natal Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio conjunct natal Mars is a time of sexual exploration.

It is a time for you and your partner to find deeper intimacy through your sexuality.


You may also feel extra temperamental. You will be extra protective over the exclusivity of their relationships and be twice as suspicious of their partners.

Mars conjunct natal Mars in Sagittarius

Mars in Sagittarius is a time of romantic restlessness.

If there is a problem, even a small one, the Sagittarius Mars native will use it as an excuse to jump ship.

As a whole, they feel ravenous in the confines of an exclusive relationship and are quenched by the notion of freedom. This ideology is most prevalent during this time.

Natives with this placement feeling burdened by their relationship should wait out this time and see how they feel when it passes.


Mars conjunct natal Mars in Capricorn

When Mars in Capricorn conjuncts your natal Mars, it is usually a time of relationship growth.

It is a time when Capricorn Mars people are ready to move to the next step, though this is usually more cerebral than romantic.

Perhaps it is time to enter into an exclusive relationship, proclaim your love, move in together, or get engaged.


It is a time when they are going to feel insecure if their relationship isn’t progressing.

Mars conjunct natal Mars in Aquarius

Mars conjunct Mars in Aquarius is a time when this placement will be hyper-aware of routine.

They don’t want their relationship to be predictable.

They will be hyper-focused on keeping their partner on their toes and will greatly appreciate it if their partner did the same.

They don’t want to find themselves stuck somewhere they don’t want to be.

Mars conjunct natal Mars in Pisces

If you were born with Mars in Pisces, each year when it re-enters this placement will be a time of indecision. You may even find that you overthink.


You won’t know what you want or who they want it from, though you'll know something's missing. You will be completely insecure, moody, and indecisive.

There is hope, however, as this time won’t last too long.

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