How To Strengthen Your Intuition Using Your Moon Sign

The Moon reveals how you feel your most intuitive self.

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Your Moon sign in astrology represents all of the stuff going on "underneath" in your life; your emotions and the way you feel about things, your inner world, what makes you feel safe, empathy, compassion and even intuition. 

Intuition is defined as something that comes from outside the source of consciousness. The Moon illuminates the night sky and while life may be shrouded in darkness at that time, it's still happening; it’s just hidden from view like our intuition is. The Moon can describe the ways in which your intuition may try and attract your attention or how you feel your most intuitive self. Some Moon signs are more intuitive than others, as are some Moon degrees.


To find your Moon sign and degree, enter your date, time and place of birth into a birth chart calculator. If you do not know your time of birth, most astrologers use 12 noon, but this is not always correct, depending on whether or not the Moon changes signs that day.

How to strengthen your intuition using your moon sign

Your Moon sign and degree can show you the types of things that you should do to strengthen your intuition,” astrologer and TikTok creator @shawtyherbs says in a TikTok video.



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She then lists the different ways to sharpen your intuition based on this placement.

Aries Moon or Moon at Aries degrees 1°, 13° or 25°

Use purple and blue candles while meditating and use Juniper incense when you meditate.

Taurus Moon or Moon at Taurus degrees 2°, 14° or 26°

Listen to guided meditations and use sandalwood oil in a diffuser.

Gemini Moon or Moon at Gemini degrees 3°, 15° or 27°

Reading spiritual self-help and spiritual education books as well as writing down manifestations in a journal.

Cancer Moon or Moon at Cancer degrees 4°, 16° or 28°

Meditating nearby the water or in the shower and having a new moon or full moon ritual.


Leo Moon or Moon at Leo degrees 5°, 17° or 29°

Meditating outside on a sunny day and listening to the frequency of the Sun while you meditate.

Virgo Moon or Moon at Virgo degrees 16° or 28°

Reading spiritual education books and having a daily spiritual routine and ritual.

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Libra Moon and Moon at Libra degrees 7° or 19°

Meditating while listening to the frequency of Venus and having more self-love baths (add rose petal!).

Scorpio Moon and Moon at Scorpio degrees 8° or 20°

Meditate more often at night, learn more about astrology, study tarot and do more things that empower you and make you feel strong.


Sagittarius Moon and Moon at Sagittarius degrees 9° or 21°

Take a spiritual course and find a spiritual guru to learn from and meditate while listening to the frequency of Jupiter.

Capricorn Moon and Moon at Capricorn degrees 10° or 22°

Meditate outside in nature and buy plants that help to strengthen your intuition like rosemary.

Aquarius Moon and Moon at Aquarius degrees 11° or 23°

Join spiritual groups and attend spiritual workshops. Create more vision boards and meditate on achieving everything on it.


Pisces Moon and Moon at Pisces degrees 12° or 24°

Get a dream journal and document your dreams. Meditate when you go to sleep and wake up in the morning and listen to the frequency of Jupiter while meditating to increase your intuition.

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