How The Powerful Aquarius Stellium Will Transform Each Zodiac Sign's Life Beginning On February 16, 2024

A stellium is when five or more planets are all occupying one zodiac sign creating a powerful force for you and your life.

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Aquarius energy will shape the year ahead as Pluto, the great Phoenix, recently shifted into this air sign ending its rather difficult period in Capricorn. Since Pluto first shifted into Aquarius, it was joined by the Sun, Mercury, Mars and finally Venus, creating a powerful Aquarius stellium from February 16-18, 2024.

A stellium is when five or more planets are all occupying one zodiac sign creating a powerful force for you and your life. While at times asteroids or even the moon can be considered part of a stellium, in this case, with five major planets in Aquarius, it will be felt even more intensely. And because the slow-moving outer planet Pluto will remain here, it’s also an energy that will affect all of 2024.  




Aquarius is an air sign that is known for its independence and unconventionality. It speaks to your inner desires, and helps you honor what you want or need, above what others may think or even beyond what may seem possible. Aquarius is known as the rebel with a cause because, while this zodiac sign may have you acting in unexpected ways, it’s not because of selfish motivation but instead of focusing on the greater good for all involved.  


As the Aquarius stellium peaks, it brings a push of motivation in a specific area of your life that you will then focus on for the rest of 2024. Because Pluto will occupy the critical zero and first degree of Aquarius twice this year, it will bring amplified beginnings, changes, and a deep motivation to start something new in whatever area of your life this air sign rules. By embracing what the stellium brings, you can also get a hint at what the entire year will hold, giving you the ability to start making the most of each divine opportunity and learning how to embrace your inner rebel with a cause.

February 2024 Aquarius stellium horoscopes for each zodiac sign

Aries: New social connections and manifestation of wishes 

The Aquarius stellium will bring unexpected opportunities in your innermost circle. While friendships and connections with others are always important to you, you’ve recently learned that who you surround yourself with creates an enormous difference in the overall path of your life. You can expect greater freedom, new transformative connections, and even the ability to manifest some long-held wishes in your life.

You may have to make a break from what feels comfortable or known, but trust that as you create that space in your life, the universe will step in and reveal what your next steps should be. Try not to box yourself into thinking that anything in this new era will or has to be like previous ones in your life. This is your chance to truly connect with those who will genuinely support and stand by you, no matter what life may bring.

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Taurus: Increased freedom and opportunities in your career 

The Aquarius stellium highlights aspects around your career and reputation, directing you toward making some big moves in your professional life this year. Because Aquarius energy rules the untraditional, you may be pushed to start your own business or even work more remotely. The idea here is that whatever you do in your career should also create more space for you to live the life you want.  

You may also find that you are feeling a higher calling toward being of benefit to others during this energetic phase. You might want to do some nonprofit or pro bono work, or maybe it’s just finally deciding to use your own success for a higher purpose. Focus on embracing more freedom, autonomy, and opportunities to make a difference in the world around you.  

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Gemini: A focus on educational, spiritual, and travel pursuits 

Aquarius energy rules the luckiest and most abundant part of your life. Much of this energy that will peak with the Aquarius stellium will be centered around educational or spiritual expansion. You may find that you must travel for work, or even choose to because of a deep longing to visit some new place.  


Nothing that you feel around this time is random, and instead is all connected to you stepping into your higher self, and embracing the soul contract that is meant for you. Remain open to what arises and try to tune into those parts of yourself that you may have previously silenced so that you can truly open up your life in miraculous and abundant ways.  

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Cancer: Embrace full transformation and deeper intimacy 

The Aquarius stellium serves as a salve for your weary soul. Pluto in Capricorn took full aim at your romantic life, all in an effort to dismantle what wasn’t working. While it’s been necessary, there is likely a feeling of exhaustion or even tentative hope that things will improve from now on. Aquarius rules over transformation, creating relationships with deeper intimacy, and even second life partners. Pluto rules this area, so the energy will be felt even stronger for you. Let it begin to point you toward the future you are meant to live in and feel safe enough to finally put the past behind you.  

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Leo: A new romantic chapter that honors your authenticity 

Aquarius energy is all about love, romance, and relationships. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean marriage or commitment, with Pluto here, you are likely to finally discover the courage to embrace the type of relationship that genuinely aligns with your soul.  

If you’re single, be on the lookout for chance meetings with someone new, or even correspondence with an ex from your past. This stellium won’t only give you the power to meet someone new, but will also help you set up a foundation for greater authenticity in your relationship which can also benefit an existing relationship. The idea here is to make sure that you’re creating a relationship that genuinely aligns with what you want and need, and not what anyone else says love should look like.  

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Virgo: Reflect on your well-being and daily routines 

The Aquarius stellium will activate matters of your well-being, health, routines and even your inner sense of determination. Take this time to reflect on what you need to feel like your best self, whether this means slowing down, taking a yoga class, or even scheduling any necessary health appointments. The more you can physically feel like your best self, the more you can craft your life to support that.


Remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup, nor are you stuck in any situation that doesn’t support how you want or need to live your life. Free yourself to care for yourself in all the ways you need.

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Libra: Greater joy, happiness, and romantic commitment 

The Aquarius stellium will be incredibly powerful for you as it will activate themes around enjoying life more, finding more time to be creative, family and even marriage. This is coming in to help continue building an existing relationship into a lifelong commitment, or even connecting you with someone that will end up being that forever love.  

Aquarius also rules over the area of your life that governs pregnancy and children, which can help you tune back into the desires that you had for life as a child. Whatever seems more fitting for you will serve as an opportunity for you to reconnect with what really brings you the greatest amount of joy. Whether you want to build a life of happiness or create your own family with the one you love, you are on the threshold of finally manifesting what you’ve always dreamed of.


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Scorpio: Relocation, healing, and embracing the feeling of home 

Aquarius energy will bring up important themes of healing, relocation and even finally feeling as if you are building the home, you have always desired. This energy will be especially intense this year, and because of that you may find that significant opportunities arise that have you relocating because of work or your own dreams.  

Pluto rules your zodiac sign, so this Aquarius stellium will be felt more intensely for you. In these moments, it can seem like a point of tension or stress, but this can be used as a catalyst for the kind of change you’re seeking. Try to trust in what arises and dedicate yourself to also taking an active role in creating the life you desire. Nothing just happens, but instead, is the result of each decision that you make.

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Sagittarius: Communicating with greater transparency and honesty 

The Aquarius stellium will bring about important moments for conversations, agreements, and reintroducing yourself to the world. Aquarius rules over all aspects of communication, which means that during this time you will be asked to elevate how you speak to yourself and others. Let yourself take risks, approach situations in a new way and remember that vulnerability paves the way for increasing the abundance you desire in life.  

With the influx of Aquarian energy with the stellium, pay extra attention to the conversations you are having with others. The opportunities for you during this time will exist in either written offers or in conversations with others but will be a direct result of you now being able to know and practice your worth. Keep your self-worth at the forefront of any decisions and trust that you are ready to seize what is meant for you.  

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Capricorn: Deep feelings of self-worth and increased wealth 

The Aquarius stellium will offer you a divine gift to embrace what it is you deserve from life so you can enjoy more of each moment. Aquarius rules over not only how you feel about yourself, but also what brings the most value within your life. This can help you bring about a greater balance between investing in financial goals and ensuring your investment in those relationships closest to you.  


Be mindful of making sure that you are operating from a place of deservingness around the Aquarius stellium and how what you choose to focus on. There may be opportunities for greater wealth or even a financial bonus received around this time, but no matter how large your bank account grows, it can never take the place of those in your life who make each moment worthwhile.

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Aquarius: Magnetically attracting all you desire effortlessly 

The Aquarius stellium will be a truly special event for you as it highlights your sense of self and also begins to shift things favorably in your life. Aquarius represents your personal beliefs and even identity, so you may be feeling greater confidence and motivation to step into your true self and release anything from your past that has been weighing you down. 


Pluto will remain in Aquarius and will help you start to magnetically attract all you desire into your life, but the stellium offers you an incredible chance to renegotiate how you live your life. Think about how authentically you are living, and how much of your true self you allow to be seen by others. Living unapologetically means that you let yourself be who you are, no matter where that is or who you surround yourself with. By honoring this inner truth, you will begin to attract and manifest all you desire into your life.  

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Pisces: Increased intuition and spirituality  

Lean into the quiet that surrounds you as the Aquarius stellium peaks and helps to draw you toward your divine gifts. Aquarius represents the unseen parts of yourself that govern your intuition, sense of spirituality, and even you're healing. With Pluto, Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Venus all congregating in Aquarius you may receive an immense download helping you to create a plan for this new chapter in your life.  

Aquarius energy motivates you to listen to yourself more deeply and recognize that you are always being guided by the universe, even in the moments that feel the most challenging. In this space, you can focus on your healing or energetic blocks that may have prevented you from seizing and acting on your intuitive inspiration. Use this time to journal, and lean into the moments of quiet, because if you listen, you’ll see it’s full of divine guidance.  


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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.