The Luckiest Day Of Each Month In 2024 For Libra, According To Astrology

It’s safe to grow into your destiny.

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You must remember that everything that happens this year truly is for the best. The Libra 2024 lucky day horoscope shows the year will be different. it will challenge much of the current status quo, but it will lead somewhere far better than you could even imagine.

Part of this experience of growth is that the current eclipse cycle has shifted into the signs of Aries and Libra, bringing the South Node into your zodiac sign. The South Node is often thought of as the place as your undoing, but it brings the opportunity for immense spiritual growth, which is what this year is all about for you. 


As the South Node works its magic on your life, helping you grow into a new way of seeing things and believing in yourself more deeply, Jupiter, the planet of luck, moves into your house of abundance and expansion. Jupiter rules this aspect of your life and is quite at home here, which means you're also going to see a surplus of new opportunities as the universe helps you understand that growth will always lead to a bigger life than you first dreamed possible.  

Jupiter shifts into Gemini in May, so until that time, things may seem a little slow to you, but that is only to prepare for all that is to come. Take the first few months of the year to plan, to reflect on what direction you want to go in, and what old limiting beliefs you're preparing to shed. This is a year that will inevitably bring changes to every facet of your life, but for now, you don't need to have everything figured out.


Along with the South Node in Libra and Jupiter lighting up Gemini, you are the only zodiac sign this year that will see both a lunar and solar eclipse in your sign, which represents dramatic shifts both within yourself and your life.

You've been hiding your light for too long, and while once Jupiter shifts into Gemini, the pace of life may seem too fast, keep trusting that everything that occurs is all about bringing into alignment with your destiny.  

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Libra's lucky day horoscope for every month of 2024

Luckiest day in January 2024: Saturday, January 20 

January is the quietest month of the year for you, so enjoy it — because as the year progresses, things will rapidly start picking up in your life.

This month, Pluto shifts into Aquarius for its longest stint here yet and will help you focus on how to enjoy life more. While this year is about abundance and growth, this is also the universe's way of showing you that everything you're moving through is also about bringing more joy into your life. 

If you're able to take a winter holiday this month, it would be the perfect time, as you'll be more inclined to enjoy yourself and the slower pace of life. While you are enjoying a relaxing start to the year, take time to journal about what joy means to you and what you can instill within your life to cultivate more of it. This will help you become more focused and take advantage of the opportunities once Jupiter shifts into Gemini.  

Luckiest day in February 2024: Thursday, February 8 

February carries with it a similar energy to January, where you are still encouraged to go slow, focus on your happiness, and take your time planning this next phase of your life. The biggest difference, though, is that asteroid Vesta stations direct in Gemini.


Vesta rules your internal fire and helps you focus your energy on what you want to create and bring to fruition. In Gemini, it will rule over themes of abundance, expansion, education and travel, so now is the time to focus on what you want to create. Allow the passion and energy of Vesta direct in Gemini to infuse throughout every part of your life. If you are looking to change jobs this year, then be proactive and polish up your resume or CV. If you want to make a long-held travel dream a reality, then start researching places and plane tickets, as everything you do now will help you later in the year once you're supported in taking direct action.

Luckiest day in March 2024: Sunday, March 17 

The energy continues to build in March as the first quarter moon in Gemini peaks in your house of luck alongside the full moon lunar eclipse in Libra.

The first quarter moon in Gemini will allow you to set intentions for what you want to start bringing into fruition in this new phase of your life. Make sure to tune into what you really want during this time, and don't let anyone else's opinions dictate the dreams you have for your life.  

The Libra eclipse will bring a powerful moment of realization into your life as you are called to move through a portal of inner growth and healing. Be sure to honor the inspiration that arises around the Gemini first quarter moon and to observe what arises during the Libra Eclipse. This isn't the outcome either, but it is something that you need to reveal to you in order to make the most of the year.


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Luckiest day in April 2024: Tuesday, April 23 

April will be the last of a quieter phase of your life until next year, so be sure to rest, recharge and focus on what your priorities are for the remainder of the year. Once Jupiter shifts into Gemini next month, there will be many unexpected opportunities and chances to step out of your comfort zone.

April does have a bright spot, though, as the full moon rises in Scorpio, ruler of your house of finances. While the previous eclipse cycle of Taurus and Scorpio moved through your life, you may have found yourself saving more and spending less. Although you may not be going on an all-out spending spree this month, you will feel more financial stability and abundance, which will also change those dreams you have for your future. When you feel secure, you are more apt to validate a dream, no matter how crazy it may seem.

So, return to what you've been journaling on since the start of the year to ensure you are still aligned with it all and don't want to make any changes.


Luckiest day in May 2024: Saturday, May 25 

May is truly the luckiest month of the year for you, but it's truly just the start of all that's to come. Jupiter is the largest planet in the zodiac, and because of that, it tends to bring themes of expansion to whatever area of your life it reaches. In this case, it's in the area of your life that governs luck, abundance, education and travel. When Jupiter returns to this part of your life, it is a guarantee that you will take off on some amazing trips, including international travel, as well as learn to honor more of the life you dream of. 



As Jupiter shifts into Gemini, be mindful of what surfaces as opportunities, new ventures, chances for travel or new career possibilities that seem as if they align with you more closely. You are fully supported in making whatever moves you desire this month, from applying for new jobs, booking that trip, or registering for higher education classes. Anything you truly want can be yours.

Luckiest day in June 2024: Monday, June 3 

June will only continue to build upon the energy Jupiter in Gemini set forth as Mercury shifts into this air sign. Mercury rules themes of communication and self-talk, so not only is applying for jobs favored this month but thinking more positively about your life and the process of transformation you are in will be as well. Use Mercury in Gemini to help you connect with others about your plans and dreams, whether it's for professional growth or if you're thinking of relocating.  


Mercury and Jupiter in Gemini are all about helping you connect with the right people, so open up your social circle this month, and don't be afraid to ask for help or guidance. Just because Jupiter is expanding your life doesn't mean it will be done alone, and you will benefit from including others in your plans as you remember everyone needs help at various times.

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Luckiest day in July 2024: Friday, July 5 

While the Gemini energy has been positive for getting out there and embracing new possibilities, it's actually Cancer that rules over your house of career. This makes July incredibly lucky for you as the new moon in Cancer rises, giving you a new beginning in your career. You've been negotiating for more remote work, a promotion or the ability to travel while doing what you love. While you've been planting the seeds for this change, July is the month it's finally started to be brought to fruition.  

If you've been reflecting and planning more than just getting out there, and you are looking for new employment, try to embark on that path this month, as anything you begin in terms of your career, which includes education, will be highly favored. Make sure to leave any lingering doubts behind you and truly embrace this new phase of limitless possibilities that surrounds you.


Luckiest day in August 2024: Monday, August 12 

August brings time and space for situations to be further developed, especially under the energy of the first quarter moon in Scorpio, which will help you negotiate for the raise or higher compensation you desire. Scorpio energy rules your house of finances, which is also the place where what you value is highlighted along with your self-worth. You might realize that you value working from home or dedicated weekends off, so while this lunation will help your bottom line, think of it more as honoring what you deserve. 

Mercury also stations retrograde this month, so while renegotiating or finalizing agreements can be helpful, you want to stay away from officially accepting or starting a job this month. Whenever you sign a contract or make an agreement during Mercury retrograde, it means that inevitably, it will come back up for review, so to avoid that, if you can, in the future, it's best to get those items taken care of in July or wait for September.

Luckiest day in September 2024: Wednesday, September 4 

In perfect divine timing, after a period of reflection and honoring your worth, September arrives just as Mars shifts into Cancer. Mars represents your passion, dedication and motivation, and in Cancer, it's all about your professional life. With Jupiter still in Gemini, where it will remain until May 2025, this is the perfect time to get serious about your career — especially if you haven't already.  

September is the perfect month to apply for new jobs, interview and start your own business. Whatever you are most passionate about is what you are being encouraged to begin, so use that Mars in Cancer energy and begin creating the career of your dreams.


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Luckiest day in October 2024: Sunday, October 13  

October begins with the second eclipse in Libra, this one a new moon solar eclipse, which will bring dramatic changes to your external life and may very well represent a relocation or new job. Remember that solar eclipses help you transform the life you live, which will always be the result of your inner growth and work. This lunation will bring to fruition whatever arose during the full moon lunar eclipse in Libra at the end of March, so reflect on that time for greater clarity on what this will represent for you. 

Mercury, the planet of communication, shifts into Scorpio as well, making this a prime time to advocate for that raise you've been needing or any sort of changes that will help you feel as if your inner worth is being valued more greatly. Try not to box yourself into thinking certain outcomes are possible while others aren't, and instead, trust that anything you want can truly become yours in this moment.


Luckiest day in November 2024: Friday, November 1 

November brings confirmation that you are on the right path as the new moon in Scorpio rises and helps you feel as if you have advocated for yourself in all the ways necessary. A New Moon brings a new beginning, and in Scorpio, it is all about your finances and honoring your inner worth, so make sure that you do something tonight for yourself about this time, too. Just because you're in a year of expansion and growth doesn't mean you can't treat yourself as a reward for all your hard work. 

This is part of the energy of Scorpio, as by honoring yourself, you're also acknowledging your self-worth. November is also an excellent month to launch a business or higher rate scale, as you will be radiating a deep sense of competency and mastering a particular skill. Others will see you as an important figure and won't help but want to work with you. This is what you have been working for all year, so recognize that much of what surrounds you now began as a dream.

Luckiest day in December 2024: Sunday, December 15 

While the year may be ending, you are finally feeling like you are getting ahead in many ways. You have a sense of success and accomplishment as you've risen to any challenge and continued to release what only felt comfortable so you can align more closely with what has always been fated for you. While you have made so many positive changes in your life in the past year, you will still have five months of Jupiter in Gemini at the start of the new year, so even more expansion and growth will be possible.  

December, though, is highlighted by the full moon in Gemini, which helps you genuinely understand and find gratitude for what you have created. You may also finally feel like something you set an intention for around the new moon in Gemini on June 6 is finally coming to fruition. This will involve a trip, greater financial abundance, or the beginning of a winter semester of a degree program.


Remember to celebrate yourself, even though you're going to be surrounded by those who are proud of you, too. This year was meant to be all about you and your dreams, and now, as you look around, you can finally understand why.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and retreat curator.