Mother Of Pearl Spiritual Meaning

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Mother Of Pearl Spiritual Meaning

The mother of pearl is my favorite gem to wear. Pearls are symbolic and hold a special place in my heart. I can remember getting my own pair of real pearl earrings and a bracelet on my 16th birthday.

They were gifted to me from my aunt which meant she believed I was mature enough to see their value. And that I did — I cried when I opened them.

What does mother of pearl mean, spiritually?

One of the most elegant gems, the pearl, is typically worn on special occasions that involve formal wear. This white jewelry represents purity and loyalty.

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Every time I wear my pearls, I feel special and beautiful. I’m confident and light-hearted, almost as if this jewelry changes my whole mindset.

Actually, I used to have a superstition about wearing my pearl earrings whenever I was experiencing something new. I felt they were lucky.

Only now, do I know that they just might have brought good things my way. There are many spiritual meanings of pearls, along with the belief of good luck.

Origin of the pearl’s significance

According to The Pearl Source, pearls symbolize wisdom gained through experience. They are beacons of serenity and peace.

Representing integrity and wealth, pearls are unique to the person who wears them. It is said that they provide protection and strengthen relationships.

There are many myths that surround the beginning of a pearl’s value. For example, the

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Japanese believed that mythical creatures such as nymphs, mermaids, and angels created pearls with their tears.

This suggested that pearls were connected to beautiful creatures.

Ancient Persian legends centered around the belief that these gems were created when a rainbow came down on the earth after a storm.

Their imperfections were said to be a result of lighting and thunder.

The Egyptians were buried with their pearls because of the good fortune they were believed to have.

This stemmed from ruler, Cleopatra, who once dissolved a pearl from her earring and drank it.

She was trying to show that the “entire nation’s wealth could be devoured in one, single gulp.”

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Black pearls were given their importance by ancient Chinese civilization.

They believed these pearls were formed inside the head of a dragon and were carried between its teeth. The only way to retrieve the pearls was to slay the dragon.

Religious stories also speak to the symbolism of pearls.

Supposedly, after God cast Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, they cried and their tears formed a lake of pearls.

Eve’s tears created white pearls and Adam’s created black pearls.

It is believed that the reason black pearls are so rare is that Adam shed fewer tears than Eve.

This similar reference to tears is found in Greek civilization which stated that pearls were the gods’ tears.

From there, they fostered the tradition of a bride wearing pearls on her wedding day, as it would stop her from crying.

Hindu beliefs use pearls as a way to represent purity, love, and union on a wedding day.

This comes from Krishna pulling the very first pearl from the sea to give to his daughter, Pandaia, for her wedding.

What is the mother of pearl?

Despite popular belief, there is a difference between pearl jewelry and mother of pearl.

Also referred to as nacre, a mixture of minerals secreted by oysters that actually forms the gem, mother of pearl is going to look different than pearl jewelry.

That being said, the Mother of Pearl is the substance that is made before the actual pearl is born. Without the nacre, pearl jewelry will not have much quality.

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You can buy mother of pearl jewelry. It will be much larger, slightly rounded, and very thin.

Considering the creation of pearls comes from an oyster, this gem is the most organic.

Nonetheless, mother of pearl is going to be less expensive than pearl jewelry since it doesn’t involve manmade work.

How to tell a pearl’s quality and know when to gift

Fake jewelry exists for almost every gem. If it looks the same and isn’t going to put a hole in your wallet, you might as well take advantage, right?

Well yes, in some cases. But the truth is, having the real gem will bring about a sense of class and pride. As they say, nothing’s better than the real thing.

So, if you’re searching for a pearl for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to know how to identify real vs. fake.

When shopping in-store, a jeweler can tell of a pearl’s authenticity by using a magnifier. If the surface appears to be grainy, it’s real.

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On the contrary, if the surface is eggshell-like with a rugged look, it’s most likely an imitation.

By feeling the pearl yourself, you can also gain clues to its quality.

When it feels cool, warms up when worn, and has a unique weight, it’s a real pearl. If it’s not, it will feel warm no matter what they wear, be sticky, and have an unnatural weight that may be too light or too heavy.

Another way to test a pearl’s genuineness is by rubbing two of these gems together.

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When two real pearls are rubbed together they produce a powder. However, two counterfeit pearls will not produce powder and it’ll be a smooth process.

Making note of the sound two pearls make together will also give you insight.

Two real pearls will sound soft and unique, while fake pearls barely produce any sound.

Although a precious gem, pearls are not going to be the most expensive type of jewelry you can buy.

That’s why it makes a great gift for a special someone in your life.

Pearls are the appropriate gift for a 30th wedding anniversary. For women, consider a pearl bracelet or earrings. For men, black pearl cufflinks or a multicolored necklace are a great option.

Milestone birthdays are another reason for gifting pearls. Depending on their age, you can choose pearls that look less or more mature.

Necklaces and bracelets are a safe way to go. It’s also possible to shop for pearls during the holiday season.

Christmas is a great time to give this beautiful gem. Take into consideration their personality and what colors or styles would best suit them.

However you decide to share the uniqueness and value of a pearl, always remember its humble beginnings.

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