The Best Saturn Signs To Have (And Why)

Saturn in each sign has its positive and negative traits, but some tend to outshine the others.

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Planets in the natal chart will operate by a different playbook based on the sign and house placements they are in. For example, a shy Aries may have a 12th house Sun placement that allows them to be more reserved and the bold Libra may have an Aries Moon in the first house that helps them speak their mind. Certain planets and house positions can make us more connected (or distant) to a specific natal chart placement. 


Best Saturn signs (and why)

All Saturn signs have their positive and negative qualities, especially when it comes in contact with other planets through an aspect. Saturn is a powerhouse planet and three signs can make it feel at home. They are Capricorn, Aquarius, and Libra.



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A detailed chart analysis will uncover how your natal Saturn flows in your chart. However, I will explain why Saturn is at home in these signs and why they can seem to be easier to manage for the native.

Saturn in Capricorn (Saturn in the 10th)

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and they are on a mission to excel and achieve success. It is the sign that represents time and maturity. Law and order are essential for Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn is at home in this sign as well as in the 10th house in a chart. Saturn here will (usually) follow the rules blindly without asking too many questions. They are extremely responsible, will follow orders, and are not the type to break the rules. Those with Saturn in Capricorn will flow easier with the energy of Saturn because they are given the tools early on that teach them patience and the value of hard work. If their natal Sun, Moon, or Rising is also in a Saturn-ruled sign, the native could be more inclined to follow the rules.

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Saturn in Aquarius (Saturn in the 11th)

Another Saturn placement that is at home is Saturn in Aquarius or Saturn in the 11th house. Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn in traditional astrology and having Saturn here makes it easy for the native to follow Saturn’s teachings. They will respect boundaries and the law, but unlike Capricorn, this placement will want to bring down the lawlessness of the corrupt. Saturn in Aquarius is focused on society and the collective. They want to make radical changes that bring more balance and justice to everyone. The natives with this placement can be seen as visionaries and revolutionaries. They want to fight for something they believe in and are not afraid to stand out when they do it.


Saturn in Libra (Saturn in the 7th)

Libra is the sign that rules courts and the overall judicial system. Having Saturn, the planet of rules and restrictions, in the sign that rules justice makes it an excellent position for the native. Those with Saturn in Libra will (usually) be lawful and responsible. Because Libra rules relationships, they will know how to create a balance with others. They value fruitful connections and similar to Saturn in Aquarius, they will be concerned with helping those in need seek justice. Of course, other aspects in the chart can make this placement behave differently. Saturn in Libra blends the driven nature of Capricorn and the collective mindset of Aquarius. They respect the rules, a different energy from Saturn in Aries who will be more concerned with breaking free and exercising their right to be independent.

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