The Bad Habit You're Most Likely To Have, Based On Your Saturn Placement

Saturn in astrology rules discipline and one theory suggests your Saturn house placement can reveal the bad habits you're meant to overcome.

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Saturn is a strict teacher that shows us step by step how to grow and appreciate ourselves a lot more. This is why Saturn returns can be quite powerful since the things we viewed as flaws growing up become our greatest strength.

According to astrology TikTok creator @icyhotsuave, sing Saturn in astrology rules discipline, your Saturn house placement can reveal the bad habits you're meant to overcome. She lists all 12 astrology houses with key phrases accompanying each one.




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Depending on the house, Saturn can emphasize where we feel insecure; the same can happen during transiting Saturn in any of our houses. Because Saturn can make us lack confidence, some of those "bad habits" can pop out but can become essential tools for our evolution.


The bad habit you’re most likely to have, based on your Saturn house placement

Saturn in the 1st House: Allowing others to control your self-expression

When Saturn is in the first house, the native usually struggles with finding their confidence and breaking free from their inner critic. Saturn in the first natives need to learn not to let criticisms from others get the best of them. Knowing how to value their abilities and appreciate who they are can help their self-esteem.

Saturn in the 2nd house: Overworking

Self-worth is tied to the second house, so it makes sense why Saturn here would push the native to work themselves to the point of exhaustion. Saturn in the second will have a fear of losing everything. Once they move away from the material, and learn to value their abilities and who they are, they will no longer be frightened about losing the material.

Saturn in the 3rd house: Doubting your own intelligence

Saturn in the third could have a fear of not expressing themselves because the third house is focused on communication and how we think. Saturn will make the natives have irrational fears about what others think. Those with this placement need to learn to take pride in what they want to communicate to others. They need to learn not to shy away from self-expression.

Saturn in the 4th house: Not creating boundaries with family

Having Saturn in the fourth house can denote a native that has parents that can be too controlling. The native could feel the need to rebel, especially when they are closer to their Saturn return. In their adult years, the native learns to create boundaries and will be focused on having order and control in their own home.


Saturn in the 5th house: Not expressing your creativity

Love is already complex and having Saturn here shows that romantic relationships can be an Achilles heel for the native. Because the fifth house aspects the ascendant, the native may feel restricted in expressing themselves. The native needs to learn to embrace their creativity and focus on finding partners that bring them joy and happiness so that they don't feel as blocked creatively and emotionally.

Saturn in the 6th house: Neglecting your health

Work can become a priority for Saturn in the sixth house. They need to impress and improve, even when they aren’t doing anything bad. It is also a placement that can make the native believe colleagues are critiquing them when they aren’t. They must learn to trust their abilities and prioritize their needs.

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Saturn in the 7th house: Not setting boundaries in relationships

The native with this placement needs to establish some boundaries in romantic relationships. Saturn here will test the native to realize their worth and not let their romantic partners control them. It could take longer for Saturn in the seventh natives to find someone, but when they do, it can be a lasting love.


Saturn in the 8th house: Being emotionally closed off

One of the challenging positions for Saturn because it pushes the native to transform. Once the native can be comfortable with who they are and not critique themselves for making mistakes or their past, they will be able to let others into their private world. Saturn wants the native to feel free from the pressures they put on themselves before letting others in.

Saturn in the 9th house: Questioning your belief system

There could be a lot of confusion, especially in their earlier years about religion, philosophy, and establishing their ideology. As the native gets older, they will develop more structure and confidence in their belief system. The native must first embark on their learning journey. Always dissect, analyze, and explore the truth before making decisions relating to their philosophy and ideology.

Saturn in the 10th house: Settling for disrespect in the workplace

Another intense placement is Saturn in the 10th house. At first, the native can feel unworthy or unaccepted by their colleagues and peers. However, with time, they will become stronger in the field that they are in. Saturn here offers the natives tools so that they can thrive and succeed. After all, Saturn enjoys this position and the native can one day become a great leader.

Saturn in the 11th house: Settling for less than you deserve

Saturn could make the natives feel limited; they could even believe they are not accomplishing anything. They may even view their successes are meaningless. It could sound cliche, but Saturn wants the native to believe in what they do and continue to dream bigger. Saturn wants them to create a plan and pursue their objectives and to bring along friends they respect and who will encourage them to succeed.


Saturn in the 12th house: Self-deprecation

A placement that can have the native get lost in their thoughts. Saturn in the 12th is about letting go and liberating themselves from the negative. This position shows that the native could also want to break free from creating a structure imposed by society. The 12th house dissolves and obscures. The native needs to be accountable for their actions and learn to rebuild a foundation to develop rules they can follow to honor themselves in the process.

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