The Best Astrocartography Lines To Visit To Drastically Improve Your Life

Whether you're soul searching or looking for love, these are the best astrocartography lines to consider.

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Astrocartography is a technique that can reveal the best physical locations to unlock our potential if we choose to visit or even relocate. According to astrocartography, we can learn how to channel the energy of planets in our natal chart through the different locations represented by them.

Many people relocate to certain lines depending on what they aim to achieve. And according to intuitive astrocartography consultants who go by Dom & Mishell, whose work focuses on helping people find the "most harmonious" places for them, there are some astrocartography lines that can give you a significant leg up in life.


Best astrocartography lines



Jupiter line for wealth, abundance, fame and prosperity

Jupiter is known as the planet of abundance, so this is not a surprise that the Jupiter line has so much to offer. We can connect with the benefic planet on the Jupiter line because it gives us the ability to research and discover what brings us happiness and how to incorporate it. With the burst of optimism and confidence Jupiter gives, the sky's the limit!


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Sun line for self-confidence and main character energy

While the Sun line may feel uncomfortable for those who are more reserved, there is plenty of opportunity for inner growth and building your self-esteem. Sun line energy lets us see parts of ourselves we may have shied away from and learn to embrace them. We meet face to face with who we are and this can also evolve how we connect with others.

Venus MC or DC lines for material gain, financual stability and comfort

Venus is incredibly romantic and moving near the Venus MC or DC lines gives a sense of liberation along with acquiring more material and personal wealth. The line embodies everything Venus wants us to represent as we unleash our creative side and allow love to enter our lives. 

Mercury line for intellectual pursuits and interpersonal connection

Jupiter- and Mercury-dominant folks would be extremely interested in this line because it enhances and helps them get closer to the ruler or dominant planet in their chart. It's a place where you can connect with yourself and others and learn a lot about the place. Mercury thrives with socializing, so expect your network to also improve.




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Moon IC line for a relaxing, homey and comforting environment

The moon line is powerful and brings plenty of opportunities to connect with the psyche, but assuming that malefics are not close to this line, this can be a very warm and emotional period as well. According to Dom & Mishell, this is one of the favorable lines for retirement. Who wouldn’t want to settle on a moon line where you can bring the comfort and nurturing energy you desire? It's a good place to settle down and connect with your roots.

Moon node MC line for ultimate relaxation

Another warm and comforting line, the moon line can also be volatile with the changes in moods and emotions. Moon MC could make your emotions more visible to the world, similar to the sun lines. As long as the native stays away from the drama, this can be a place to thrive.


Venus IC line for vacation vibes, culture and good food

As we have seen with other Venus lines, Venus just enjoys giving the natives more hidden gifts. The Venus IC line in particular is ideal for "if you want relaxation, but you want to be immersed in the aesthetic and the culture and the food and just the beauty of it all," Dom & Mishell explains. We can also learn to value ourselves more here.

Chiron DC line for healing from relationship trauma

Chiron lines can bring challenges and growth. They are here to help us evolve without the intensity of other aspects. Chiron pushes out of our comfort zone and forces us to change our philosophy and views since Chiron wants to teach us a lesson. Living in the Chiron line can bring powerful transformation and insight.

Venus AC line for confidence and attraction

As Dom & Mishell explains, this is a great place to visit or live “if you want to feel like your most confident hot self because people are going to perceive you as really attractive.” The energy is similar to that of the sun line but a little more focused on the romantic connections. This line can be enchanting since you can feel like the star of the show without the pressures. It's an exciting place to nurture your self-esteem and feel empowered. Venus lines bring opportunities for not only romantic love but unconditional self-love and care.


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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.