6 Ways Astrology Warns You That You're Too Emotionally Available

Being too emotionally available means a lack of boundaries and can lead to being taken advantage of.

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Being ‘emotionally unavailable’ is a common problem in today’s dating world. But, what about those who are too emotionally available?

Many individuals interpret being available to someone all the time as a sign of love. However, this can lead to a failure to pay attention to what is really happening in their relationships and can risk them ending up emotionally devastated when the relationship doesn’t meet their expectations.


There are certain signatures in a natal chart that can indicate someone who doesn’t draw strong enough boundaries and gives too much at their own emotional expense. Let’s look as some of these aspects.

6 ways astrology warns you that you're too emotionally available

1. You have a Pisces moon sign

People born with a Pisces moon sign are prone to being very empathetic to the point they can lose track of their own real emotions in their desire to ‘merge’ with someone they consider a potential partner. They are easily drawn into others’ emotional lives, along with their problems and issues. Pisces is associated with sacrifice and is known to subvert their own hopes and desires to maintain or stay in a relationship. This is not psychologically healthy and can result in the person ultimately emotionally drowning in someone else’s problems or emotional issues.


Pisces is so sensitive and so good at reading body language they easily identify with almost anyone they meet, and being prone to self-sacrifice, they can often find themselves in murky waters before they realize it. But being sensitive is actually Pisces' superpower if used constructively. In some cases, however, a Pisces moon can have the best of intentions but must learn discernment when it comes to relationships and dealing with others especially if it is square, conjunct or opposing Jupiter, Neptune or Pluto.

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2. You have a Cancer Venus sign

Cancer is another very sensitive sign and those born with Venus in Cancer tend to fall in love too quickly and easily. Cancer is the most emotional of signs so they can get attached at times even if it is not being reciprocated to the same extent.


When Venus in Cancer is in love they often approach a relationship as though it is for life and there is no one else on the planet. While this can be charming, it can also be naive if they do not read the signs and signals the other person is giving out. If the relationship is mutual and mutually reciprocated then all is well but all too often Venus Cancer is in love with the idea of love, making them too vulnerable and emotionally available to someone who does not warrant this attention.

At times, Venus Cancer must learn to pull back emotionally and not try to be all things to their partner or prospective partner. This can, in fact, make them boring since they are available constantly, and sometimes they must learn that pulling back and having their own experiences and ideas rather than emotionally catering to a partner can make them more desirable as opposed to being totally sucked into another person’s realm with no life of their own.

3. Neptune is in your 7th house

The seventh house rules partners and Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion, making this a more difficult placement for relationship. In addition to being prone to sacrifice for their partner, their emotional availability to their loved one or prospective mate tends to blur all of the boundaries and they often fail to pay attention to what is really happening at times. 

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Neptune transits can represent the highest of emotions that can soar to the moon — or sink into the abyss. Their views of their partner are often unrealistic and they are far too willing to sacrifice their hopes and wishes to someone who does not deserve them.


Frequently, people with this aspect are drawn into relationships and marriages with people who have unhealthy coping mechanisms, behavioral issues or are prone to straying, lying and cheating. On the highest side, they could be drawn to artistic and spiritual types, but even then they need to define their emotional boundaries

While Neptune can be a beautiful planet, it is a double-edged sword. If this person isn’t able to differentiate between love and being used, they often find themselves hung out to dry and their love becomes an emotional illusion.

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4. You have Mars in Libra in your birth chart

Mars is considered ‘at its detriment’ in this sign, which means Mars is not as comfortable in this sign.


Libra is the sign of the peacemaker and seeks balance and harmony in relationships. People with this placement may go to great lengths to keep the peace in a relationship, sometimes to their own detriment. They absolutely do not like to fight or argue and they will often give in to things to avoid rocking the boat.

Mars Libra is not a ‘bad’ placement, nor is any other sign or planet. Mars is simply the planet of assertion and aggression naturally, which is something the Libra Mars has a difficult time with.

5. You have a Pisces Venus sign 

Venus in this sign is considered ‘exalted,’ which means it is very comfortable in this sign. Pisces however, is ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion. Venus in Pisces tends to fall in love easily and when they do, the sky is the limit. These are very kind, empathic people, and like the moon in Pisces, they will go to great lengths to please their lover, blurring all boundaries with their deep desire to merge with others until they learn they must protect themselves.

Venus in this sign can get confused concerning how much others may care for them, misinterpreting actions or confusing friendship and interest as love. When they love, they are all in, however, and the key with this placement is to make sure the other person is on the same page.


This placement is more difficult if it conjuncts, squares or opposes Pluto, which can create a needier type of personality that could be prone to manipulation.

6. You have Neptune square, conjunct or opposing the moon in your chart

This planetary combination is perhaps the most emotionally available of any combination to the extreme. These individuals can not only be too emotionally available but they can also frequently confuse relationships and be unaware of issues that may come up until it is too late. Neptune confuses, and in aspect with the moon, it confuses the emotional life. Typically these individuals also have a confused life as a young person or difficulties with the mother, who may have been confusing or difficult in some way.

These are generally sweet, creative and kind people who tend to look at life through rose-colored glasses, especially when it comes to love. They may feel they have found the greatest relationship in the world with someone who sees things far differently. In many respects, they can be naive because they are so open to others and are often taken advantage of by others or in relationships.


The key to managing this combination is to take off the rose-colored glasses, set boundaries and pay attention to how they are being treated. They also need to learn the art of leaving the relationship if they are taken advantage of, lied to or find themselves in a confusing relationship that has no real basis in reality as can sometimes be the case.

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