What To Expect During Saturn Retrograde 2023

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saturn and zodiac signs

Saturn will station retrograde in Pisces beginning June 17th, 2023, and will go direct on November 4th, 2023.

Saturn is known as the planet of karma and has a bad reputation for bringing us some harsh truths. It is the planet associated with restrictions and forcing us to shape up. Saturn is also known as malefic, meaning that when the planet is transiting and making an aspect to our personal planets in our natal chart, it can be challenging. 

Saturn retrograde meaning

Saturn teaches us how to level up. We learn to see the world in a different light while we become more autonomous and empowered after the transit is over. See how the energy of Saturn retrgrade 2023 will impact your rising, sun, and moon sign.

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Saturn retrograde effects on each zodiac sign


You are learning how to be alone with yourself during this transit. Saturn Retrograde offers you plenty of creative opportunities and reflection. You understand the direction you want to go with your career.


Saturn has brought you some changes in your social circles. You get to see how your friends help to guide and give you the inspiration you need. During the retrograde, you can see how your social circle expands.


Focus on your career goals and offers you opportunities to reshape your plans. This transit teaches you how to be more detailed with your work process. You are more patient and in command during this time.


Saturn sparks curiosity regarding the world around you. Learning new things will be your focus during this retrograde period. This transit solidifies the direction you are planning to go with your studies.


Finding your light in the darkness will be a goal during this retrograde period. You shine effortlessly and Saturn wants you to remember that. Look forward without looking back.


You are here to make changes in your relationships to improve them. This is a powerful time to learn more about communicating your needs to others. Saturn gives you optics for more success in romance.

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Bringing more organization is key with this transit. Saturn here wants you to care more about your daily routines so you aren't overwhelmed. Plan so you don't neglect them. 


Getting back to basics with what you desire in a relationship will be important. Your partner should be bringing you happiness and not stress. Saturn reminds you not to settle for less.


Being more balanced and knowing how to manage your responsibilities is essential. Saturn reminds you to create an environment that allows you to flourish and retain control. 


You are learning about your creative freedom and expression. Saturn retrograde is a reminder to continue working on what brings you passion. This is your time to perfect your craft.


Learning to bring calm and joy to your home will be important in this transit. Saturn wants you to feel more comfortable and to surround yourself with the people that bring you happiness. 


Saturn retrograde will feel like receiving your report card for the first semester. Continue to do your best and be patient with yourself. Become your biggest cheerleader and show yourself unconditional love.

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