How To Survive Mercury Retrograde

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Knowing when Mercury is retrograde shouldn't only matter to you from an intellectual standpoint, but guess, what? Knowing how this astronomically and astrologically significant event affects horoscopes for people born under all zodiac signs will help you better prepare for (and survive) it.

Buckle up, because as of Friday, April 21, 2023, that bad boy planet Mercury enters its dreaded backslide while in the sign of Taurus. In the next few days, you may be more on edge than usual thanks to Mercury retrograde, when the Earth speeds past Mercury so fast in its orbit that Mercury appears to move backward (although it's actually an optical illusion).

Mercury goes retrograde three to four times a year. Depending on your sign, it could make those weeks total hell, since Mercury rules communication. And, regardless of your sign, there are just some things, like breaking up with or marrying your partner, that are horrible ideas during this time.

The goal is to come out of the retrograde feeling fresh and focused.

No matter your zodiac sign, here's your survival guide to get you through Mercury retrograde season.

How to survive Mercury retrograde

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Take some time to reflect.

This time actually heightens your awareness so you should take advantage of that by taking time out to just think.

Reorganize your life.

Don't just clean for spring! Do it for the retrograde. This is also a great way to avoid making more mistakes during this time.

Keep a journal.

This will also help the reflection process. Get anything that's weighing on you down on paper.

Finish projects you already started.

This can be a strange time, but if you already had a plan set for a project then don't be afraid to stay on course.

Remember to meditate.

This is another way to optimize your reflection time and bring down your stress levels.

Keep an eye on your calendar.

During these weeks it will be more common for appointments to slip past you. Make sure to keep your calendar near you.

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Don't sign any contracts.

A contract is a huge commitment and during this time we are more likely to interpret and relay information incorrectly. It's better to hold off until after these weeks are over.

Don't start a new business or a new big project.

Talk about it all you want, but before really putting the wheels in motion you should wait in order to avoid a disaster.

Don't make any big purchases.

Along with communication, Mercury controls electronic devices. Sorry, but if you were planning on getting a new phone or computer you should wait. During this time it is more likely the device will break or malfunction.

Don't schedule major meetings.

It may sound weird, but again communication will be off during this time so it will most likely be harder to get a meeting scheduled during this time. It's better to hold off.

Don't make a big change in your relationship.

Don't propose — and don't break up during this time! Wait until these weeks pass to make sure your communication is the best it can be before going forward with a big step.

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