The One Thing That Makes People Fall For You, Based On Your Personality Type

Your most irresistible personality trait depends on your Myers-Briggs type.

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Ever realized that there are specific personality traits that you are drawn to, or that certain people interest you more than others? Well, that’s because, as human beings, we like what we like. When it comes to dating or making friends, you want the person to be interesting to you.

Everyone has something about their personality that allows people to fall for them, and it can all be traced back to your Myers-Briggs personality type.


Isabel Briggs Myers and Catherine Cook Briggs developed the Myers-Briggs personality test to make Carl Jung's work on personality theory more accessible and useful for everyday life. Their test places you into one of 16 personality types broken down based on extroversion vs. introversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving.

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While being attracted to someone does have to do with looks, what really makes you fall for someone is their personality. Whether it's their charm, kindness, intelligence, or their leadership skills, everyone has that special something that draws people to them.

It's time to discover what it is about you that people can't seem to get enough of.

Each Myers-Briggs Type's Most Attractive Trait


These individuals are known for being intelligent, wise, direct, and logical. They tend to place a high value on truth and facts. They are known to be quieter and more reserved than most. They stick true to traditions and are renowned for being hardworking, honorable, and patient.

If you have the ISTJ personality type, people might be intimidated by your appearance, but after some time you are as honest and loyal as it gets. ISTJ's most attractive trait is their reliability and composure.



INFJs are known for being caring and nurturing. They have creative and artistic talents. Not only that, but they are intuitive people, often leaving them to spend much time thinking of endless possibilities and theories.

They can be complex to comprehend, but people love you for how well you understand them and console them. INFJ's most attractive trait is their loyalty and devotion.


If you have the INTJ personality type, people fall for your quiet and reserved nature. INTJ personalities tend to be great, strategic thinkers. So if this is your personality, love your unique sense of logic and the way you want to implement new changes in the world around you.

INTJ's most attractive trait is that they are fiercely independent.



If you're a person with the ENFJ personality, people are drawn to your charismatic nature. You're literally the life of every party and people naturally connect with you because you know how to connect with them.

You're warm, caring, generous, and great at focusing on those around you. People fall for you because of your easy-going and communicative personality. ENFJ's most attractive trait is their charm.


If you have the ISTP personality type, people are drawn to your mysterious and spontaneous nature. ISTPs are seen as unpredictable, even by the people closest to them. They are risk-takers, often searching for new experiences and variety.

ISTP personalities also lure people in with independence. ISTP's most attractive trait is their rebellious nature.


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ESFJs are extroverts who are the life of every party; they are social butterflies. They have a desire to interact with people, resulting in them being popular.

People will forever fall for you if this is your personality type because you shine bright like a diamond. Everyone wants to be around you, whether it be family, friends, or a romantic partner.

Regardless of anything, you are everyone’s cup of tea. ESFJ's most attractive trait is their sense of purpose and their drive.


People fall for your INFP personality because you are an amazing listener. Your quiet nature has allowed you to talk less and listen more, so when you make your first interaction with a person, all they can think about is how you focused on every word they said to you.


INFP's most attractive trait is their emotional intelligence.


ESFPs are entertainers. Their livelihood is the reason why people gravitate to them. They enjoy having a good time and experiencing new things.

Another great quality of theirs that lures people is their love to share their knowledge with others. Not only that, but ESFP's most attractive trait is their need for adventure.


People love to be around you because you love to be around them. ENFP personalities are able to relate to others, often connecting with their emotions and thoughts.

People will forever fall for this personality type because they are genuine when it comes to learning about the people around them. ENFP's most attractive trait is their constant positive energy.


10. ESTP

The ESTP personality trait that makes people fall for them is their risk-taking. They aren’t afraid to go after what they want, despite knowing that things can go wrong. They are too busy living in the present to have time and stop and think “What if?”

Either way, they are all about living life to the fullest. ESTP's most attractive trait is their confidence.

11. ESTJ

People fall for the ESTJ personality type because they are natural-born leaders. Being a leader is simply who you are, so you have absolutely no problem taking on any challenges.

You appeal to people because, in a time of crisis, you will be there to make sure that everything is under control. ESTJs have determination, which is their most attractive trait.


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12. ENTJ

The ENTJ personality type has people falling for them because of their need to be in charge. They are great at making decisions, and are able to continuously be active and involved in all matters.

They are not the type to just sit back and watch. They have to be upfront, calling all the shots. ENTJ's most attractive trait is their mysterious nature.

13. INTP

The INTP personality type has people falling for them because of their originality. They are not the type to follow their crowd or worry about being popular.


They make their own path and follow their own destiny, no matter what others have to say about it. And that is INTP's most attractive trait!

14. ISFJ

Their generosity is the reason why people are drawn to the ISFJ personality type. They are so caring and nurturing to others, so this makes people fall for them naturally.

Their warm and kind-hearted approach is just what people love most about them. ISFJs have kind hearts, which is why people are so pulled to them.

15. ENTP

People love the ENTP personality type's unique sense of intellectualism. ENTPs love a good debate, so people who love to contradict theories or are not afraid to hold a complex conversation will fall for them easily.


ENTP's most attractive trait is their ability to make other people laugh.

16. ISFP

People are attracted to the ISFP personality type because of their creativity. They love to come up with new ideas, making them natural trendsetters. People love the fact that they enjoy being different and establishing their own creative path.

ISFPs are free-spirited people, which is also their most attractive trait.

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