20 Ways Your Addiction Affects Your Kids

20 Ways Your Addiction Affects Your Kids [EXPERT]
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Are you an alcoholic? Learn how your addiction will affect your kids' future.

Sometimes the truth hurts, but it also sets you free to choose to act differently. The truth also gives you the freedom to get help when you know help is available. Addiction is not a pretty disease and it affects the entire family.

Children are the victims of the alcoholic or addicted parent. Imagine being a child whose parent is more interested in a substance than caring for and raising you. Imagine the inappropriate behaviors and responses in daily life of the person who is under the influence of a mind-altering chemical. The child doesn't know what is real or right. When Should I Tell The Guy I'm Dating I'm In AA?

The child knows what anger and sadness are. She also knows what neglect and abandonment are through physical and/or emotional absence. They witness lying, violence, aggression, desperation and worse. They know what hurt and pain feel like and what it's like to be alone is like. Children are the true victims of living in the chaotic dysfunction brought on by addiction.  9 Crucial Facts You NEED To Understand About Sex Addiction

Here is a list of what the kids and adult survivors, of addicted parents, will get some combination of (determined through study & admission*):

1. They do not understand what normal behavior is.

2. There are feelings of isolation and fear of authority figures.

3. They fear angry people and personal criticism.

4. They learn to suppress their feelings from multiple traumas and lose the ability to feel or express feelings, like joy and happiness.

5. They take on the characteristics of the addict's disease and become reactors in their life roles.

6. They have difficulty having fun but may become addicted to excitement.

7. There is a tendency to lie when it is just as easy to tell the truth.

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