Stop Chasing, and Start Living...Love

Love, Self

The more you give, the more you live.

You find yourself chronically broken hearted, love seems so elusive. Enormous amounts of your time are spent chasing after love, but it feels further away than ever.

Love is not something outside of yourself that you have to seek, find or win. It is not something you have to be worthy or deserving of. It is not some thing, or even a some one.

No more than you are some thing.

Quantum physics is discovering that we are not things, as much as we are energy. In the first season of Cosmos, we are told that if we were standing in some huge cathedral our 'thing-ness', our particle nature, would amount to a speck of dust floating through a light beam. But our energy, our power, ah ... that is the size of the space inside the cathedral.

That energy is the source of our essence, our core self. That energy interconnects us with all of the 'some things' and the 'some ones' in and beyond the entire planet. It magnetizes and attracts us to one another based on the similarity of our core or soul selves, and embodies our togetherness according to our complementary differences.

That energy is love.

Love is what we are made of. Love is the energetic essence we feel when we are truly present with the heart inside us, which makes us who we are.

And like energy or light, which is comprised of many qualities or colors secreted within its white glow, love is the multi-faceted expression we call experience, presence, even life itself.

So allow love to come into your awareness. Feel your energy self. As a meditation, focus on the space within your cells and allow yourself to quiver with the felt sense of love.

Let love come into your body and enliven it. Let love radiate from your heart and send its signals out into the world to bring into your life those who resonate with who you truly are when you drop the games and defenses and be you.

The more you give of love, the more you will feel the surge of its orgasmic power move through you. The more you will feel truly alive.

Live love. And it will feel impossible to ever be without it again.

Live love physically, not only through lovemaking, but through all of your actions and activities.

Live love emotionally by daring to be present with how you really feel in any given moment. Let those emotions teach you a lesson about love and what it feels like to withhold it.

Live love mentally, intellectually, through each of your thoughts. Challenge yourself to let your thoughts be in service of love.

Live love spiritually, by being. Just being. And as the sensory peace and pleasure of beingness engulfs you, you will dissolve into the 'one-ness' that binds us all, Love.