How Couples Counseling Saved My Marriage

How Couples Counseling Saved My Marriage [EXPERT]
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Why you should consider attending therapy with your significant other.

We all want the best when it comes to marriage. Love, respect and someone to be there for all the ups and downs is something every couple should strive for.

When I attended a wedding this summer, I was reminded of all the hopes and dreams my husband and I had when we were younger. We met in college, dated for a few of years, got engaged, bought our first house, got married, got pets and I delivered two beautiful girls. We were on top of the world and felt so blessed. 3 Tools To Rekindle Romance In Your Relationship

However, two tiny humans absorbed all my attention. My husband spent more time at work than at home and I needed a break. I loved being a mom and anyone who has ever been a mom realizes the demand it places on you when the children are babies and toddlers. I took those breaks for my sanity and would leave for a little bit before returning to my mommy role.

I thought we had the best of everything in those days. My husband worked to provide for his family, helped with the kids and was generally mellow in mood. I worked as well and we seemed to be pretty balanced in our approach to our life together. We camped in the summer with toddlers until they were teenagers. We didn't seem to have many conflicts. 5 Love Lessons From Olympic Athletes

Life was grand in my opinion. Full of the joys and challenges of raising kids. The kids were in elementary school and I was working in a dead-end job that I didn't like. I felt like my soul was being crushed. I thought I had left my family issues behind. But, the dysfunction at my job created a dynamic that triggered them to resurface.

I left home at 17 years old to go to school and avoid dealing with my issues. I avoided conflicts like the plague. My relationship with my husband worked because he never confronted me about anything. But, work was a different story. I needed help. I had no more tools to cope with the stress.

Getting help was the best thing I have ever done. Counseling helped me become a more compassionate human being. I trained to be a counselor and became a much better mom to my daughters. We had a rocky road when I started being more consistent with parenting, but both of them thank me now for the love I shared and the discipline I taught them. They learned to be compassionate humans as well.

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