8 Signs You're Stuck In Your Comfort Zone (And Missing Out On Love!)

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8 Signs Your Comfort Zone Is Keeping You From Finding Love

What's holding you back from finding love?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? What risks would you take in your love life? What would it look like to take a leap of faith?

Many women spend most of their time creating what seems like safety and security in their relationships by trying to establish and maintain a status quo. There isn't anything wrong with that in theory. The issue is that many women err on the side of safety to the extent that they miss out on clear signs indicating it’s time to make a change — or even to take a leap.

We're here to grow, learn, and expand to our fullest potential, yet we often find ourselves stuck focusing on what we think we should be doing with our lives. When this happens it can lead to BIG problems, especially in our relationships.

Here are 8 signs it may be WAY past time to take a big leap in your love life.

1. You feel stuck and stagnant.

We are meant to grow and expand in relationships. When we stop this expansion, we can feel the energy inside of us start to get “stuck."

2. You tend to worry — a lot.

Your creative energy wants to move through you. This is your creative spark. If you’re always worried, you lose your spark and worry even more. When we’re worried we lack the ability to have empathy for ourselves or for anyone else.

3. You’re over focused on other people and their problems.

You’ve lost your focal point in your love life and have become easily distracted by other people’s problems. This is great feedback for you that you need to take a leap in your own love life. Get your focus back on your vision so you can take steps in the right direction while leaving other’s problems behind.

4. You feel depressed.

This is a sign that you've put a lid on your passion and the dreams within you that long to be felt and expressed.

5. You are jealous of other people and what they are doing in their own love life.

Treat your jealously as a gift and take it as a signal that you have so much more inside of you that wants to be expressed in your relationship. Take the necessary steps to start expressing your true self.

6. You have low energy.  

Let’s face it, when you’re not growing and expanding, your energy starts to get dull and stagnant — which makes it even harder to start to make changes.

7. You are easily irritated and frustrated.  

We all can get a little cranky if we’re not moving forward in our love life. You can blame it on your partner, but it all comes down to the core issue — you must know yourself, tap into the beautiful energy of your Spirit and let it lead the way, or you will be remain frustrated.

8. You feel hopeless.

Your fear is holding you back from taking any action toward having a better love life. Not listening to your intuition over and over again can lead to hopeless resignation. Instead trust your gut and take action on your desires and you will feel your hope and excitement for your future begin to soar.

If the time it right, yet you’re unclear about what your leap would be ask yourself this:

What is one thing that my gut has been quietly telling me to do for years, yet I have been ignoring it?”  

Take action and trust the information of your innate wisdom. This step will naturally lead to the next and to the next and before you know it these smaller steps will build a momentum that will lead you to even bigger leaps.

Know that you will be uncomfortable as you take your leap, but the truth is that you need to be willing to be uncomfortable to make the changes you need to make. The more you do this the more comfortable you will get with the being uncomfortable.

As you take your leap it’s important that you keep focused on where you are going and NOT get sidetracked into over focusing on these obstacles. The more you stay on track with your vision of where you are going the more easily the apparent obstacles fall away.

Once you make the decision and leap you will fell amazing levels of support come to you from your trusted source. You will feel support from other people, circumstances will come together to support you in miraculous ways, doors fly open and signals come that let you know you’re on track.

You are meant to soar in your love life.

There is a special joy when we align with the person we are meant to be with. It is that fulfilling feeling that assures us we are on track for creating lasting love. It’s what everyone is longing for and for good reason. This is the feeling you are meant to be feeling each and every day with your life partner.

I invite you to listen. Listen to the subtle or not so subtle signals that you are meant to take a leap in your love life. This might be in the form of having a difficult conversation, making small changes that bring big results to your feelings of love and connection for one another, or perhaps even taking responsibility for taking care of YOU first in the relationship, so you can show more of who you truly are.

Teena Evert is a LOVE Success Coach and MOXIE Mentor. She helps high achieving confident women have lasting love without compromising their core values. She will help you find strength in your purpose, clarity in your vision, and boldness in your determination to create a life that succeeds beyond your wildest dreams. To learn more visit Teena's website.