Boost Your Romance Without Spending A Dime

Boost Your Romance

You don't have to be rich to give your partner more romance and passion...

Are you craving more passion in your love relationship or marriage?

Perhaps you're on a tight budget and so a cozy table at a quaint restaurant or a getaway to a secluded resort are not happening for you and your mate right now.

Maybe you'd like to ensure that your romantic attempts are personal and don't seem so predictable-- like flowers, cards or candy.

While we love just about every romantic gesture-- whether it is roses, chocolates, or a cottage in the mountains, we also know that you can quite powerfully boost the romance in your relationship without spending any money at all.

It's free, it's from the heart and it's very effective!

Kate longs for her boyfriend Jeff to find his romantic side. She appreciates the flowers he gives for every anniversary and special occasion. And the gifts he buys are sweet.

But she can just about predict what he'll do and, frankly, it's a little boring!

Instead, Kate dreams of feeling swept off her feet by Jeff. She wants to kindle more passion between them and she knows that being bored is not the way to get to more passion. Kate doesn't want to hurt Jeff's feelings. After all, he's a great guy and wonderful partner. At the same time, she wants a spicier, more romantic relationship with him.

Who's responsible for romance in your relationship?

You might be like Kate and wish that your partner would just figure out how to be more romantic. There's absolutely nothing wrong with realizing that you want to create more passion in your relationship.

But don't assume that your partner is the only one responsible for romance.

Many of us harbor beliefs that in heterosexual relationships it is up to the men to romance and sweep their female partners off their feet. This is how it's portrayed in the movies after all!

If you really want more excitement and romance in your relationship, however, it's not fair to leave it all up to your partner-- even if you are a woman and you believe your man should take charge of this.

Come up with some hot ideas that you'd like to try and then you be the one to initiate a few of them. See how it feels to sweep him off his feet.

You can also be honest with your mate and ask him or her to explore some ways to infuse more passion into your relationship. Sharing some of your romantic ideas with your partner might help spur his or her imagination as well.

Even if what your partner does is a little different than what you had in mind, try to tune into the intention and feeling of connection that is being attempted. Relish examples of your partner's willingness to help keep your connection strong and feeling alive.

3 romance tips that don't cost a dime...

#1: It's in the eyes.
Have you ever really looked into someone else's eyes? We mean deeply and intently with love. Just gazing into the eyes of your love when you are feeling filled with tenderness and desire for him or her can be just as enticing and connecting as other intimate acts.

Too often in our busy lives, we communicate while doing other activities. Make it your goal to just sit and look into your mate's eyes once a day. It doesn't even have to be for very long for you two to benefit from the effects. It can be a way to non-verbally check in with one another as well as a prelude to lovemaking.

#2: You've got the touch.
Another way to amp up romance in your relationship is to be more aware of how often, when and how you touch your partner. We're not necessarily talking about sexual touch here-- but that's wonderful as well.

Gently run your hand over your love's arm, shoulders or cheek and sense how it feels. Watch your mate to see if he or she enjoys this unexpected touch. It can be these unforeseen caresses that rev up your connection and intimacy as you go throughout your lives together.

#3: Pay attention.
Once again, just about all of us are very busy people. This tends to be the age of multi-tasking. And for your relationship, multi-tasking is just not conducive to romance or creating more closeness.

If you are in the middle of a project and you sense that your partner wants to talk or connect with you, ask him or her to wait until you are a point where you can pause or finish what you are doing. Make it a priority to really pay attention to your partner-- even if he or she is only talking about the grocery list.

To enhance romance, you might devote all of your attention for a period of time to your mate-- just soak in all of the wondrousness that is your love. Ask questions about his or her day, dreams, goals, or feelings. Then listen, learn and appreciate.

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You can create romantic moments just about anywhere and they don't have to involve any monetary expense. You give of yourself through your attention and focus and what you get to share is almost always a more passionate relationship.
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