10 Signs That You’ve Found A Keeper

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A quiver of delight might go down your spine when you look at him, and he might treat you as if you are the greatest woman ever to walk into his life. But, does he have what it takes to stay in your life? Check out which qualities really make him worth hanging onto:

1. Trustworthiness: This is all about him showing up when he says he will, calling when he agrees to, and keeping his focus on you… not on other women. It means he manages his life in a way that helps you and others trust his integrity.

2. Truthfulness: What comes out of his mouth has to be real and straight, not manipulative twists. Lying destroys your trust in him, and truth builds respect.

3. Respect: He knows and honors that you have a mind, heart, and soul, not just a body. When he respects you, he treats you like the equal you are.

4. Equality: You both need to have an equal say in decisions, in what you do together, how you accomplish your responsibilities, and how you meet your needs. Relationships are partnerships.

5. Responsibility: He supports himself and looks after the significant areas of his life. You will likely value him when he pays his bills, handles problems that come up, and pays appropriate attention to the important people in his life.

6. Generosity: He is giving of himself, his time, his listening, his money, his laughter, and his heart. His openness to share will contribute to your relationship growing and going smoothly.

7. Love: He openly and generously expresses love to you. The words are important, but he appeals to all areas of your life through small tokens of affection, spending time, and doing thoughtful things for you.

8. Courtesy: Did his parents raise him with good manners? Courtesy is definitely one way of expressing love, as he shows consideration and kindness for you. A gentleman remembers to say please and thank you and spontaneously supports what’s best for you.

9. Friendliness: You value each other and consider each other as great friends. When the going gets tough, he shares what he’s thinking and feeling, and he enjoys spending time with you. His friendly nature with others places you at ease so you can relax and be together in a group, while still feeling as if you are special to him alone. You can laugh and have fun easily together.

10. Commitment: This special guy isn’t afraid of making promises, saying he’ll stay, staying faithful, and doing it. His whole-hearted commitment places you very near and dear to his generous heart.

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There are a lot of factors that affect compatibility between you and your guy. These qualities are an excellent foundation. When they are there, he’s definitely got keeper possibility!