Men! Here's The 5 CRUCIAL Secrets To Find Your Perfect Life Partner

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5 Secrets for a Man to Find His Perfect Life Partner

Most men spend too much time wishing for a better partner.

Hugh Hefner ruined so many men’s lives because the centerfold of Playboy magazine was always airbrushed and in the first 30 years, beginning in December 1953, men didn’t realize that they were seeing women who had been improved to the point of Barbie doll impossibility.

If you've struggled to fall in love with a real live woman, you may be ready to understand the difference between reality and fantasy so that you search for a wonderful partner rather than a phantom.

Since the 1980’s, most gorgeous actresses and movie stars owe more of their beauty to their plastic surgeons and the scalpel. Again, most men have no idea about this so consider these secrets on your quest for a "10":

1. Value personality over looks.


A lovely personality and a caring generous heart take decades to develop rather than 10 days from pre-op to perfection that a nicer nose will require.

Believing that there's a scarcity of fabulous women and the habit of looking at the past as evidence of the future are both a waste of time as well as dangerous behaviors.

2. Make a LONG List of the attributes you desire.

Phrase them as positive words. Avoid any "not selfish" or "not demanding". If you want a monogamous relationship ("She is monogamous") , then that's the number 1 attribute on your list because without that, nothing else matters, does it?

3. Make health a priority.


How often have you met a beautiful woman who suffers from some emotional issue? Whether it’s just a lot of baggage or something more serious, it isn’t fun, is it?

And if like most men you enjoy sports or outdoor activities in addition to indoor sports, you may want to have these attributes as number 2 and 3 because, as with monogamy, without these two, a relationship is excruciating: "She is mentally healthy. She is physically healthy."

4. Remember that mutuality in an intimate relationship is the only way it’s going to last.

When you create a list that has all the outer and inner attributes you desire what’s the fun if she simply isn’t crazy about you?

5. Make sure she loves having sex with you.


The single reason most men select a younger partner is that it’s an unconscious strategy to be sexually attracted for a longer period of time ("She is very sexy.").

However, women after menopause are rarely very sexy compared to their younger selves. The solution to this is that if you start with a woman who really loves sex with you, she will be motivated to consider supplements that will keep her interested in passion and you.

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