Watching The Super Bowl Could Help Your Marriage

sports fan couple
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The Superbowl is one way that you can make a connection as a couple to deepen your relationship.

On Sunday, my wife put on her Chicago Bears jersey because she's a diehard fan. Yes, we live in Tennessee, but those guys were lousy this year. So, in a loving gesture, I put on a Chicago Bears sweatshirt. We also made an impromptu iron-on Bears logo for our son's T-shirt. Then we loaded up the family truckster headed off to church. Yes, we got some funny looks from the pastor. And lots of people told us Green Bay was going to win—unfortunately, they were right—but we were having fun together. 

Now that the two teams are headed for the Super Bowl, you can start thinking about how to enjoy the big game together as a couple. Ladies, I'll direct this one to you. Instead of bailing on the game altogether, maybe this year you decide to spend it with your husband. The Super Bowl is different than the rest of the season, and at least you have the commercials that you can talk about. But, really, the point isn't the SuperBowl—that's just an example. The bigger point is to find things that you can do together in your relationship.  Why Guys Love Sports

My wife and I have always dressed up for Halloween, for example. Now we have a son, so we have an excuse. But it was always something that we did together even when we were dating. If football, or another sport, is your husband's thing, he might like to share it with you. Especially if you can enjoy it just a little bit. Maybe you can ask him to explain it to you if you don't get it. We Celebrate Halloween As A Family

There's a lot more to marriage than just sleeping together and making money. You're supposed to be friends, each other's companions for life. That means learning to enjoy some of the same things that your mate enjoys. You don't have to do them all; I don't think you should. But do take an interest in some of the things that they do. You can learn to like them enough to tolerate them, and perhaps one day, truly enjoy them.

It's a two-way street in my book. The husband should take an interest in some of the things that you like to do as a wife. I have actually become a thrift store junkie. Before my wife, I barely spent any time in one. I also hated going to the flea market. While that's still not my favorite thing in the world, I enjoy it because I like being around her. (And I still don't know why it's called the flea market. There are no fleas for sale).

To make a marriage work, you have to have several points of contact. I would suggest that lots of them should be outside of the bedroom. Learning to enjoy the things that your mate enjoys is just one of the ways to make another connection, and the Super Bowl is the perfect opportunity. Go, Steelers?

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