Why You Should Stop Trying To Be Superwoman

Why You Should Stop Trying To Be Superwoman [EXPERT]
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Do you try to be everything to everyone? Here are 10 ways to take care of you.

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As women, we're encouraged to "claim our feminine power." But how? And what exactly is feminine power anyway?

The whole idea has been a bit confusing for forward-thinking females ever since the '60s, and the women who have tried to claim their feminine power have experienced not only a loss of connection, balance, and intimate bonding in relationships, but a loss of personal happiness too. 12 Ways To Feel Irresistible (That Have Nothing To Do With Size)

With so few powerful feminine role models for women to emulate, "power" has been misinterpreted as masculine. And, as we donned the man's boot, his uniform and became fluent in the man's language, yes, we gained material success, but we lost the art and pleasure of being a woman.

Between daily demands, never-ending to-do lists, care-giving, and single-parenting, life is be overwhelming enough. And living at such a frenetic pace can lull you into a false sense of happiness . After all, you are doing all the right things, so life is good, right? Meanwhile, deep down there's this nagging little voice that won't go away, telling you there's something missing. And there is.

To put it simply, you've lost touch with your feminine essence. Consequently, romantic relationships are either suffering or non-existent. Instead of soft, fun, flowing conversations, G-force power struggles are dominating. Follow These 21 Tips To Prevent Cheating in Your Relationship

That playful, sexy spirit got buried along with passionate, romantic adventures. Like many women, you may feel and look like a diamond in the rough rather than an enchantress lit by her own inner glow.

Fortunately, finding the road back to your sparkling diamond essence — your feminine power — is easier than you think ... but you'll need to identify and give up distractions that are toxic to your connection to your authentic self. So, no more saying "yes" to every request that comes your way. Let your drama queen friend cry on someone else's shoulder. Set boundaries with your kids, mate, boss and anyone else who crosses the line.

Let go of the rescue role. Most importantly, trade some of your daily to-dos for some personal pampering pleasures. Here is a short list of ways you can feed your feminine essence:

1. Go outside. Step out into nature and allow yourself to connect with simply being — being present and taking in the beauty and majesty of all the outdoors has to offer. 6 Ways To Wish Yourself A Happy Mother's Day

2. Get creative. Live fully and find ways to express your playful and creative self.

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