Here's All The More Reason To Cuddle With Your Man

Here's All The More Reason To Cuddle With Your Man

Learn how to cuddle your man and show him how you feel about him with the warmth of your embrace.

Though you may not think of cuddling as an important part of your relationship, cuddling can be a great way to open up communication, build trust and develop more intimacy. In fact, it's just as important as sex and good communication in the relationship! Let's take a look at what cuddling does for you and your loved one and some different approaches on how to cuddle you might not have considered. 

Benefits of cuddling

Cuddling does some really awesome things for you. It boosts your immune system. It can help relieve pain. It helps you bond while releasing stress and social anxiety. It even reduces your risk of heart disease.

Even better, it helps strengthen your relationship. It deepens your bond, makes you feel more secure in your partnership and makes it easier to open up about issues that are bothering you or that you want to explore. There's also the added benefit that cuddling can either lead to more, or simply can be a love act in and of itself.

Chemicals released during cuddling

Cuddling also makes your body release certain chemicals, especially oxytocin, which helps you feel happier and more connected. Oxytocin is a hormone powerhouse that is responsible for mothers bonding with their babies and lovers bonding with each other. Oxytocin is responsible for most of the heath benefits of cuddling. It gives you a more positive outlook and relaxes you, making foreplay and sex much more pleasurable. This powerful hormone does amazing things for your body and your relationship.

Cuddling after sex

Not only can cuddling lead to sex, cuddling after sex helps strengthen your relationship. Being physically intimate with someone is a great way to enjoy your time together, but cuddling deepens your relationship, helping you build trust and opens up communication between you and your partner. Cuddling makes it easier to share our thoughts, feelings and concerns while maintaining a close bond.

Cuddling for comfort

When you or your partner have had a bad day, cuddling brings comfort and reassurance that even when everything else is going wrong, you're still there. Cuddling creates a psychological link to your childhood, when you were cuddled for comfort, and by providing that comfort during hard times, you're telling your partner that you care about them and want them to feel better about whatever is wrong at that time.

Body contact versus caressing

Though simple body contact can do a lot for your relationship and often can be enough, adding a caress or massage helps release endorphins and other "feel good" chemicals and creates a more intense experience. Whether it's a simple squeeze with your hand or an all-out massage session, adding a caress to your cuddle time shows not only that you're there, but that you want to make it better. It helps pass on that 55% of communication that is non-verbal, helping provide support and love even when you can't say the words.

Other positions for cuddling

Now that you've learned more about why cuddling is important to your relationship, let's talk about how to cuddle. Though there's no right or wrong way to cuddle, there are some ways you may not have considered. When figuring out how to cuddle with your partner, keep in mind any physical limitations and personal comfort — some of these positions can be uncomfortable if you have back issues or other health concerns. It's very similar to learning how to talk dirty to build sexual tension with a guy and keep him thinking about you. 

Let's take a look at how to cuddle in a number of different ways and what those ways communicate to your partner:

  • Facing him and just hugging him — When we know somebody, hugs are great. When you're in a relationship, just holding each other front to front lets you get in a quick squeeze or an extended comfort session depending on what's needed at the time. It's also a great position for being able to talk quietly, especially about issues you feel you can't look your partner in the face to discuss.
  • Hugging him from behind — There's some psychology to being behind a person. It places trust in them and tells them that, quite literally, you've got their back. By hugging your partner from behind, it creates a subconscious message that they're safe and protected. This can especially be healing for someone coming off a military deployment or in law enforcement, or someone who has been attacked physically or emotionally and needs reassurance to relax and feel better, as they can see what's in front of them and know they're protected from behind.
  • Spooning him — Another back position, spooning your partner shows that he's your focus. Though they can provide some caresses, spooning your partner is a great way to focus on his issues and problems instead of a more equal position.
  • Lying on top of him — This position can either be directly on top of your partner or to the side. This position is great after sex, as it lets you both drift back down to earth while still very close to being physically attached. It also makes talking easier, especially about difficult topics as you don't need to maintain eye contact while talking in this position.
  • Lying beneath him — If you've had a bad day and just need to feel secure, this can be a great position. Lie on your stomach, and your partner can either cover you directly on top or to the side if he's too heavy or you're just not comfortable with it. This position helps make you feel protected and secure, which helps make that bad day go away.
  • Lying or sitting back against him — This is an awesome cuddle position if you're on the couch or stretched out on a picnic blanket in the park. It's a great position if you're having a bad day because it makes you feel like you're the center of attention, making you feel protected and safe without feeling smothered.
  • Front to front — This position lets you have eye contact while still remaining in serious contact with each other. It lets you each caress the other and works well for talking over issues quietly. By facing each other, you can both control how much you are touching, whether it's a soft caress or holding hands or twining your legs together to get up close and personal.
  • Using a leg as a pillow — Whichever of you needs some up close and personal TLC gets to stretch out and use your lover's leg as a pillow. This is great when you or your partner need to de-stress, as it lets the stressed party stretch out while receiving attention from their human pillow. You can run your fingers through their hair, rub their arms, massage the head and face — the possibilities for this position are limitless.

Cuddling provides a wide variety of physical and emotional health benefits, strengthens your relationship and makes it easier to trust each other with important and sometimes sensitive matters. Spend some time every day you can cuddling with your partner and see how much better your relationship becomes.

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