Hurricane Irene: A Bonafide Wingwoman For You & I!

Hurricane Irene: A Bonafide Wingwoman For You & I!

Doubt a natural disaster could help you find love in the big city? Put down the Xanax and take this!

Call me an Optimist, because I think one can always find some calm in the middle of a storm.

Call me an Opportunist, because I knew Hurricane Irene could come in handy just as much as a wing woman for NYC ladies looking for love before the Village Voice proclaimed it.

Or, just call me, because I am sitting in my parents’ North Jersey home—my safe haven from Irene—freaking out every time I hear a loud thump accompany those raging winds!  I’m glad I fled the city, because, like Jay-Z says: It’s. About.To. Go.Down.

Of course, I-like many other East Coast women right now-would welcome the presence of a strong and sexy man to calm my damsel in distress! (Or listen to the perfect music with!)

In fact, as Stephanie Castillo suggests in “How Hurricane Irene Can Help You Find A Boyfriend”, I even came across some potential candidates during my evacuation route to the Hudson River!

Exhibit A: Bright and early in the morning, there was the tall man who helped my tall self reach for the only remaining over-priced water bottles in the entire supermarket.

Exhibit B: A cute, older guy exiting the store that looked at me, and smiled before he cheered on everyone at the register. “ Keep calm, everyone. We are New Yorkers. We’ll get through it” he said.

Exhibit C: The unsuspecting gentleman who snuck up behind my cab—not to steal it but to close my door and so kindly assist my escape from the rain—totally made my day with the new concept of New Yorkers being nice to strangers!

Clearly, despite what we ladies like to say, chivalry is not dead. There are plenty of good men—in suburbia and our cities alike—who will rise to the challenge to help us out.

Fortunately, it does not take a natural disaster to get a little attention from them—and you don’t have to be a dating coach like me to know how to capture their interest! Opportunities are all around you every day, and with eyes wide open, you will get your own potential chance to see what is behind door A, B, or C.

But in the meantime, Irene can be a pretty decent wing woman.

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