6 Must-Follow Style Tips For Single Men And Women

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Create the image that will rock your love life and have him or her coming back for more!

Essentially there are two types of people in this world. There are those who believe image is everything and those who throw on a shirt from the floor and get on with their day.

Can you guess which group is more likely to be single?

Okay, there are some blessed freaks of nature that spend virtually no time thinking about how they present themselves to the world yet always manage to look fabulous-- and be taken-- but for the rest of us, image matters--a lot.

The importance of clothing and grooming cannot be underestimated when it comes to dating. These factors, along with body language, voice, and etiquette can make or break romantic attraction. Your beautiful on the inside, but you must be beautiful on the outside too if you want to make it in today's competitive dating game.

Thanks to a common cognitive bias, known as “the halo effect”, we are actually prone to assuming a well-dressed person is smarter, nicer, and more successful than his unfashionable opposite.(So why not look your best and have others make such flattering inferences about you?!)

Clearly, singles that put effort into their appearances have a huge advantage in the dating game; but you don’t have to be a fashionista to look great. While it’s wonderful to use color and signature pieces to create a personal brand, the following basic tips are all you need in terms of visuals to snag someone special:

Get fit, and wear clothes that fit. While you don’t have to be a size zero for a man to notice you or sport a six pack to attract a woman, you must maintain a healthy weight for your frame. You should wear clothing that flatters your shape--not too loose and not too tight. If you are unsure of how to dress for your body type, read fashion magazines. If the dress doesn’t zip up on an empty stomach, donate it to a local consignment shop. For clothing to truly “fit” it has to be age-appropriate too. (I.e. if you are older than twenty five, you should not be shopping in the juniors department—ever!)

Pay attention to fabrics and patterns. New York City image consultant, Julie Rath of Rath & Co, encourages her clients to think about what certain pieces of clothing communicate. (Hint: Nothing should  scream “tramp”!) “Wearing coarsely textured fabrics like knits and suede will soften your look and make you appear receptive to others, while curved lines in clothing and prints send the message that you’re approachable and friendly,” she says. You can look for curves both in the patterns and also in the shapes of the individual pieces you wear.


Make every day a good hair day. Go to a top stylist and choose a hairstyle that suits your face and personality. Make sure your look is current. (i.e. No perms, please!) Use a good conditioner and the best styling products for your hair type. Maintain the shape of your cut with a trim every six to eight weeks. Choose a natural, vibrant color that is not too severe for your skin tone. If you do nothing else, just say no to roots, and well, comb-overs.

Take care of your skin. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Unless you are on the cast of Jersey Shore,  your skin should not be orange. Ladies, not only should you go easy on the tanning; you should use as little makeup as possible. (Unless, of course, you are going super glam for a night on the town, in which case you should wear red lipstick, eyelash extensions, and flirt like mad!) Wearing an appropriate amount of flattering makeup means that it will not rub off on his sheets. The rule of thumb is that you either play up the lips or play up the eyes, but never both. Create a face free of blemishes, visible lip liner, and mascara flakes. Please, don’t ever shave your eyebrows and think three times before getting a tattoo.

Don’t get lazy with the little things. With a bit of time and effort, you can make small improvements that make a big difference. For instance, if your teeth are looking yellow, you can use whitening strips and avoid a trip to the dentist. If your nail polish tends to chip quickly, try the gel manicure that lasts two weeks. (Cuticle free, clear coated nails are for men too!) Just don’t let things like lint on a coat, scuffed shoes, or missing buttons cramp your style.

Above all, be confident and proud. No matter how you look, the show must go on. Stand tall, keep your chin up, and use inviting body language. Make sure you smile! As Julie states, “When you look good (and you know it), you naturally feel better about yourself, and you radiate effortless confidence and positive energy.” Believe you are attractive, and you will be attractive to every single person you wish to attract.

And when in doubt, always go with the black!

If you'd like help creating a rockin image to improve your love life, send an email to Rachel@RachelRusso.com.

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